CABL head says proposed higher education cuts would be “disaster” for Louisiana

Barry Erwin, who runs the Council for a Better Louisiana (CABL), tells some uncomfortable truths in a column on the Baton Rouge Business Report‘s website today.

“It’s a hard statement to make, but we might as well go ahead and say it from the outset. The cuts being proposed today in higher education, if they are implemented, will be an absolute disaster for Louisiana. Not just a disaster for schools and campuses, but for the entire state and our future prosperity.”

Here are some of the sobering statistics Barry cites regarding the budget cuts currently proposed in the Louisiana Legislature:

• The proposed cut to the LSU flagship institution is 28%.
• The proposed cut to Southern University is 34%.
• The proposed cut to the University of Louisiana System is 31%.
• The proposed cut to community and technical colleges is 30%.
• The proposed cut represents the 10th budget cut to higher education since 2008.
• The proposed cut will likely have at least a handful of institutions teetering on the brink of the higher education equivalent of bankruptcy.

You can read the entire piece here.

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