Here’s what a creative political spot looks like

Too many political ads are boring, conventional, formulaic. Just awful stuff that looks even worse when juxtaposed with some of the creative ads served up by some Madison Avenue firms.

The piece I published in Politico (link here) today with Sid Myers, the co-creator of the famous “Daisy Girl” spot (the first truly creative political spot in presidential history), explores this topic.

But it got me thinking that I should also give an example or two of the kind of spots that I’d like to see more of.

On Monday night of this week, I was privileged to be at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington for a program on political ads. I shared the stage with a truly talented media consultant, Mark Putnam of Putnam Partners.

Putnam, who produced a lovely 30-minute commercial for Barack Obama in 2008, shared a variety of fresh and original spots that delighted the audience. Mark is working for Obama again this year. I’m hoping that his creative spirit results in some great and interesting ads in the fall that help elevate the craft and art of political advertising.

Here’s an example of something Mark produced in 2010 for the campaign of now-Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado. It’s called “Shower.”

What are some of the spots that you think are original and fresh? Seen any in this election cycle, or earlier? If so, share them with me and I’ll post them.

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