Why does Barack Obama hate America?

For several years, conservative wing-nuts had quite a field day with their baseless accusations that President Obama was not an American citizen. Some, including Sarah Palin, tried to persuade the public that Obama had befriended terrorists. Then, there was the lie that Obama was a secret Muslim.

Most of these lies have fallen by the wayside, having been debunked by the media, and having discredited those, like Palin and Donald Trump, who peddled them.

But now another conservative anti-Obama meme has emerged — the president hates America and is bent on destroying it.

Sean Hannity says on his radio show: “Four more years of Obama will end America, the country we love, as we know it.”

Rush Limbaugh says on his radio show: “It can now be said, without equivocation — without equivocation — this man [Obama] hates this country. Barack Obama is trying to dismantle, brick by brick, the American dream.”

Country singer Hank Williams Jr. tells Rolling Stone that Obama “hates America.”

Singer Ted Nugent tells an audience that Obama’s is a “vile, evil America-hating administration.”

Mitt Romney, more subtle, has repeatedly said, “President Obama doesn’t understand America.”

These charges actually might prove to be fairly crafty and, perhaps, effective among the Fox News-watching, Birther crowd.

Obama can produce his birth certificate to prove his citizenship. He can clearly demonstrate his longstanding membership in a Christian church. But where’s his certificate proving that he really, truly loves America? Show us those papers, Mr. President.

It’s a ridiculous, but insidious charge and it helps feed the suspicion and hatred of Obama that so many on the right have nurtured for years. Obama, of course, would never deign to answer such silly talk. What’s he to do — literally wrap himself in the American flag?

(Speaking of the flag, funny story: there’s even a rumor making its way around the Internet that Obama wears his American flag lapel pin upside down as a message to the Muslim Brotherhood that he is, indeed, a secret, anti-American Muslim.)

From my perspective, I can vaguely understand why the dumbest, least-educated of the far-right embrace all this silly talk about Obama as unpatriotic.

He has an exotic, un-American name. He doesn’t look like most conservatives (he’s black, if you haven’t noticed). His father was a Muslim, born in Kenya (where Obama was probably born, too). And, of course, Obamacare proves he’s a Socialist bent on destroying our way of life (never mind that he got the idea from Mitt Romney and the Heritage Foundation).

I get all that.

What I don’t understand is why so many mainstream conservative leaders believe that our American way of life — our whole system of constitutional government — is so fragile that a single Muslim, Kenyan-born Socialist could, by himself, destroy our Republic in eight short years.

Hitler tried and failed. The Soviets tried and failed. Osama Bin Laden tried and failed. (Oh, and don’t bother acknowledging the inconvenient fact that Obama had Bin Laden killed. That was, most likely, an act of jealousy because Bin Laden was threatening to destroy America before Obama could do it himself.)

All these powerful, sworn enemies of America amassed armies of millions, all in opposition to our way of life — and they failed. But Barack Obama will get the job done because, I suppose, he hates America more than the rest.

To these people I say: Oh, ye of little faith. If your America is so fragile and weak that four more years of Obama will destroy it, then what kind of country do you really worship? It’s a pretty sad, wimpy, pathetic country that — having survived Bush, Nixon, Harding and Buchanan — will collapse after only four more years of Obama.

What all this fear-mongering proves is not that Obama wants to destroy America — that’s an absurd notion — but that too many conservatives really have no faith whatsoever in their country.

6 thoughts on “Why does Barack Obama hate America?

  1. Well said!


  2. Wonderful project and great commentary.


  3. Great article–keep them coming–


  4. I agree that all those extreme opinions you have quoted are . . . extreme. However, it is not so difficult as you believe to destroy the American dream.

    When we tip the balance to those dependent on the government from those who support the government through taxes, we have destroyed the American dream. We don’t have far to go until the deed is done.

    What I don’t get, is why seemingly intelligent people cannot see that many of our “entitlement” programs actually enslave people. These well-intentioned people paving our way to hell do so by electing people like Obama to increase the numbers of the enslaved. It’s a vicious cycle.

    The ironic thing is that they actually pat themselves on their backs that they are “more compassionate” than those who want to reduce dependency on the government when in fact, they really only want to relieve themselves of any personal responsibility for their neighbors and put it on the back of an institution which cannot show compassion.

    I’ll concede that Obama doesn’t hate America, but he might as well.


  5. Love it. I’m copying your words and adding a little more truth to it, if you don’t mind!


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