He ridiculed funding for “volcano monitoring,” but Hurricane Isaac prompts Jindal’s demand for full federal funding

It was only three-and-a-half years ago that Gov. Bobby Jindal mocked the idea of spending federal funds for monitoring volcanoes.

Instead of providing federal dollars to protect citizens from potential natural disasters like volcanoes, Jindal said that Congress “should be monitoring . . . the eruption of spending in Washington, D.C.”

That was money for places like Alaska Oregon and Washington — where, presumably, the property isn’t as valuable and lives aren’t nearly as precious as those in Louisiana.

Governor Bobby Jindal and local officials

But Jindal, who was scandalized by federal spending for disaster prevention in other states, is now demanding that President Obama open up the federal checkbook for Louisiana.

With Isaac bearing down on his state, Jindal — in a letter released tonight — is rightly asking the federal government to do everything possible to help. “The increased urgency of the situation necessitates that we re-emphasize the request for full federal assistance for the State,” Jindal told Obama.

That’s a very proper request.

Let’s just hope the White House doesn’t remember that Jindal once posed as a deficit hawk. If they think he was truly serious about controlling federal spending, they might just make him — and his constituents — eat his words.

I do, however, hope the good citizens in obscure towns in Alaska, Oregon or Washington — resting in the shadows of dormant volcanoes and whose tax dollars helped fund the $15 billion in flood control measures for New Orleans — will learn about Jindal’s letter to Obama.

If they do, they’ll remember that he assigned their lives lower priority than those of his constituents. And he was willing to leave them and their children exposed to natural disasters in pursuit of his national ambitions.

But they’ll also know for sure that Jindal’s once-profound, principled concern for out-of-control federal spending was washed out to sea before Isaac’s winds even reached Grand Isle.

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  1. Kevin Johnson says:

    Right on! Did a Google for Jindal’s double standard. Found this and I thank you for it. He’s such a tool. Is he really the best available for LA guv?


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