LSU: A football team with its own English department

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News that LSU’s football program will prevent the university’s financial collapse is encouraging and embarrassing all at once.

The school will get $36 million over the next five years from the Athletic Department to offset some of the draconian budget cuts imposed by Gov. Bobby Jindal and state legislators.

But what does it say about our priorities when the football team is better off than its university?

Sure, this is wonderful for LSU students. The school survives, barely.

But what about all the college students in Louisiana who attend schools without profitable football programs? Their budgets have also been slashed.(Jindal has cut funding to higher education by almost half a billion dollars.) Classes cancelled, faculty laid off, maintenance postponed. Where do they turn for help?

While we celebrate LSU’s good fortune, let’s at least take a moment to consider the tens of thousands of students — and future students — across the state who deserve a decent education far more than they need a winning football team.

If we’ve reached a point where the only way our universities survive is on the success of our football programs, what do we really have to brag about?

As much as I love LSU football, shouldn’t our state’s flagship university be a great school with a football team — and not the other way around?

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6 Responses to LSU: A football team with its own English department

  1. Gene Sands says:

    Bob – your observations, as always, are right on target. Receiving money from football to help carry out the academic programs will not benefit LSU’s image in the world of academia. Rather, it will reinforce the university’s national image as being heavy on athletics, light on academic standing.


  2. kateroyals says:

    Great post, Bob. I agree that it’s a bit embarrassing that academics must be rescued by athletics here at LSU. While commendable of the athletics folks, it’s sad that education is placed so low on the priority list to be put in this situation in the first place.


  3. Aly Neel says:

    Great blog post! And absolute insanity. Very humiliating.


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  6. J. B. Kraft says:

    I’m an LSU alum, class of ’74, living in Texas and I cannot stand what Louisiana’s Geek Governor has done to my university. Bob, very liucid discusssion of tragedy that will probably take a generation or more to overcome. I saw on the news last night that there is more than $1Trillion in personal higher educational debt now, and I am aghast. The “privatizing” of college debt and the “privatizing” of various aspects of LSU — just reprehensible, and the only people who benefit are the cronies of the “privatizer”.


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