Despite new poll numbers today showing Gov. Bobby Jindal’s popularity in free fall – not to mention the voters’ disdain for his major policies – let’s hope the governor recognizes that pollster Bernie Pinsonat did him a huge favor.

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Gov. Bobby Jindal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While posing questions about Jindal’s job approval (it’s dropped to only 51 percent), private-school vouchers, health care cuts and legislative independence, there’s one glaring issue that Southern Media and Opinion Research didn’t touch.

Can you imagine the embarrassment to Jindal had SMOR and the poll’s sponsor, Baton Rouge executive Lane Grigsby, posed the following: “Do you believe that Gov. Jindal should spend more time in Louisiana, as opposed to traveling out of state, fundraising and speaking on behalf of GOP nominee Mitt Romney and other Republican candidates?”

Or, maybe to be fair, perhaps the question could have been, simply, “Do you believe Gov. Jindal spends too much time outside Louisiana?”

It’s a safe bet that Louisiana residents are far more concerned about the state’s myriad problems than our very ambitious governor.

It’s a safe bet that voters don’t care for their governor injecting himself into state Supreme Court races in places like Iowa.

It’s also safe to say that most people believe that when the voters give you a job, you ought to show up for work each day and perform your duties.

With all the problems facing Louisiana, it’s even safe to assume that voters would like their governor to wait a few years before campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

All of that is obvious to everyone, it seems, but Jindal and his sycophantic staff.

But since SMOR didn’t pose the question, I will.


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  1. My poll would have asked ONE question, with all credit due to former president, Ronald Reagan: Are you better off since B. Jindal took office?

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