LSU’s fate? University of VA gets “warning” from accrediting body over failed firing of president

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It’s becoming more apparent that Gov. Bobby’s Jindal’s iron-fisted rule of LSU has put the university on an inexorable course toward an official sanction by the school’s national accrediting body.

Should you have any doubt where the school is headed, look to the University of Virginia.

Just Tuesday, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Commission on Colleges issued a formal warning to UVA for the abrupt and politically motivated firing last summer of President Teresa Sullivan. After a firestorm of criticism, the UVA governing board re-instated Sullivan. But the damage to the university’s reputation was done.

And now SACS has taken notice — and taken action, handing UVA a sanction just two steps short of pulling the university’s accreditation.

So, if SACS thinks the situation at UVA was appalling — the summary firing of one senior official — wait until they consider LSU. Just in the past year, Jindal and his board have fired or forced out: System President John Lombardi, General Counsel Raymond Lamonica and LSU Health System head Fred Cerise.

And then there’s the stampede of senior officials who have left — Chancellor Mike Martin, Vice Provost Katrice Albert, Vice Chancellor and CFO Eric Monday, Business School Dean Eli Jones, and Dean of the College of Science Kevin Carman.

SACS has already taken notice of the chaos at LSU, recently sending the school a letter which basically said, We have no idea who is in charge of your university.

Jindal and his Board of Supervisors are on the verge of ruining LSU’s reputation. So, where’s the outrage? When will the Baton Rouge-area legislative delegation muster the courage to challenge Jindal’s misrule at LSU? When’s the last time you heard any legislator within the shadow of LSU criticize or question Jindal’s conduct regarding LSU?

Bueller? Bueller?

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