In recent months, Gov. Bobby Jindal has found time to travel far and wide to further his national political ambitions. Just last week found him in Washington, D.C., speaking to the Brookings Institution. Jindal clearly loves to travel, especially to venues where the media are not likely to ask him about his misrule of Louisiana.

Therefore, it make sense that one locale where Jindal has not visited is nearby Bayou Corne, where nearby residents have been evacuated because of the mysterious, dangerous and now-famous sinkhole.Bayou Corn sinkhole

For 150 families, it’s been 75 painful days since authories allowed them to sleep in their homes.

Jindal, on the rare night he is not on the road, sleeps in comfort in the Governor’s Mansion. He has not, however, ventured once to Bayou Corne, which is about a 15-minute ride on his State Police helicopter.

I could comment on the outrage of Jindal’s neglect and indifference to the suffering of his constituents in Bayou Corne. Instead, I will share with you the passionate words (lightly edited) of a resident of Bayou Corne, John Achee, Jr., posted today on Facebook:


You were elected to be the leader of our State, and in case you forgot, being a leader is an obligation of the office you hold. Need I remind you there is a sinkhole in Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou, which was declared a State of Emergency by your office on August 3rd, where 150 households were forced to evacuate from the area and are living in campers, hotels, rent houses, etc. There are mini earthquakes, methane, benzene and hydrogen sulfide being released into the community. This community has been through hell and back and are still living a nightmare. In my opinion and many others you have completely turned your back on this community, and you have done absolutely nothing helpful to this community. You haven’t even had the decency to come visit the site, do a flyover and meet with residents to show your support and pledge accountability by all parties, Texas Brine and your agencies alike. Your inaction is very upsetting to many people.  It is unacceptable and cannot and will not be tolerated. We all understand your aspiration to be president, but what you need to remember is that in the meantime you have a state to run and that is your responsibility, and you have people depending on your leadership. Mr. Jindal, I have asked twice on the news, myself and many others have sent countless emails and letters to your office and to no avail. Seems you are too busy. You simply cannot continue to ignore this disaster and turn your back on a community that is pleading for your help and leadership and you must get personally involved. We await your response, Sir.

To ALL my FB friends please copy and paste this to your wall and maybe just maybe it will get Mr. Jindal’s attention and force him to do what is right by the people that elected him to office.

Thanks, John Achee, Jr