If you haven’t discovered Tom Aswell’s excellent blog, Louisiana Voice, then subscribing to his posts should be among your top New Year’s resolutions.

Tom is a true newspaperman and a real investigative journalist with a passion for writing about public corruption and political hijinks. Unlike yours truly, Tom is not simply sharing his pungent opinions; he files public records requests and interviews sources.

His blog is a delight to read and his posts are eagerly anticipated by a loyal following across the state.

One Aswell’s most recent posts delves into the Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control Commission, currently headed by former state Sen. Troy Hebert. To say that ATC under Hebert is a soap opera is an understatement of epic proportions.

As reported by Aswell, the drama in Hebert’s ATC is a brewing scandal that Gov. Bobby Jindal will soon be forced to confront.  Perhaps it will force Jindal to end his practice of giving plum state jobs to washed-up legislators.

In any event, do yourself a favor and spend the next five minutes reading the blog post below (link to full post at the bottom).

And subscribe to Tom’s blog.

ATC’s Troy Hebert apparently just a poor innocent victim of a series of unfortunate circumstances and vindictive people

 Poor Troy Hebert. He just can’t catch a break.

If he’s not placing a former business partner on the payroll of the Alcohol and Tobacco Control Commission (ATC) but who is not required to report to work, he’s placing a person on the payroll specifically for the purpose of visiting lawmakers in the area.

If he’s not requiring employees to stand as he enters a room and greet him with a cheery, “Good morning, Commissioner,” he’s issuing a new directive prohibiting agents from criticizing other agents to the public and media—a clear violation of the First Amendment.

If he’s not cracking down on state cellphone use by ATC agents—even after explicitly informing them that they were free to use the phones for personal use because of their unusually long working hours across the state (and because the phones come with unlimited minutes), he is putting his agency in such a state of disarray that other law enforcement agencies now exclude ATC from participation in raids—a radical departure from past protocol.

Read the full post here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Bob. It is difficult to imagine that anyone, let alone a Govenor, would allow this to continue. I guess the positive is Mr. Hebert thinks well of himself?


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