By Robert Mann

It seems that my comments in Sunday’s big Politico article about Bobby Jindal‘s presidential ambitions have offended some of Jindal’s cheerleaders on the right.

None more so, it appears, than a right-wing radio host and blogger named Erick Erickson. In a piece posted yesterday on the website “Red State” (as of Monday morning it was the lead story), Erickson said this about my fairly obvious and non-remarkable comments about Jindal’s presidential ambitions:

Politico reporter Emily Schulteis proves today why journalism is a dying and biased industry. She bought the spin of a Louisiana political hack who actually worked for Kathleen Blanco – a politician Jindal ran against and practically forced out of office. In fact, in quoting Bob Mann, Schulteis never even mentioned that his former boss, Kathleen Blanco, was driven from office by the looming Jindal wave in 2007.

I was vaguely aware of Erickson before I read his piece late last night.  And I’ll leave for another day my thoughts on his suitability to critique the state of modern journalism.

But now that I know more about him, I’m doubly amused to be called “a Louisiana political hack,” by a fellow who posted this on Twitter in 2009, upon the retirement of Supreme Court Justice David Souter:

Erickson screen shot

To be called a hack by this guy is a bit like Donald Rumsfeld telling you that you’re not qualified to be Defense Secretary. Or, perhaps, like Bobby Jindal advising you to tone down your political ambitions just a bit.

In any event, for future reference for Jindal and his friends, I prefer to be called a “recovering political hack.”

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  1. These guys ALWAYS revert to name-calling when there is no rational defense for their positions, which is almost always. You should definitely take an attack from this guy as a compliment.


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