By Robert Mann

The topline poll numbers are bad enough for Gov. Bobby Jindal, but dig into the crosstabs and you’ll find that his numbers among women voters in Louisiana are even worse.

Bobby Jindal - Caricature
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According to a survey of 600 Louisiana registered voters conducted by Southern Media & Opinion Research (SMOR), released on Tuesday, Jindal’s job approval rating stands at a dismal 38.7 percent. Those who told SMOR that Jindal’s job performance was either “not so good” or “poor” are a combined 60 percent.

A combined 70 percent of those polled gave Jindal “C” or lower when asked to grade him “on progress made in Louisiana during his term as Governor.”

Fifty-two percent disapprove of Jindal’s travels outside the state.

Other troubling numbers for Jindal include the 79 percent who oppose further cuts to higher education (almost a certainty given the amount of contingencies and one-time money in Jindal’s proposed budget). Seventy-seven percent said they oppose additional cuts to health care.

But perhaps the worst statistic of all for Jindal in this survey is 63 percent.  That’s the percentage opposing his tax swap proposal. Only 27 percent of voters told SMOR they back the plan.

Actually, that’s not the worst statistic for Jindal.  What’s even worse is that his approval numbers among women (white and black) have collapsed. The only thing keeping his job approval in the high 30s is the lukewarm support of white men.

Lose them — and that’s certainly possible in the coming months — and he’s toast.

While a 44 percent of men approve of Jindal’s job performance, only 33 percent of women say the same. Among white females, 72.2 percent say Jindal is doing a “not so good” or “poor” job, while 64 percent of white men give him a negative rating.

Not surprising, among black females, Jindal’s numbers are really dreadful — 91 percent disapprove of the job he’s doing as governor.

It’s on the budget, more than anywhere else, where we see a gender gap.

Asked if Jindal and the Legislature should continue cutting the budget or stop the cuts, 23.5 percent of females said stop the cuts, while 44 of males said continue.

There’s also a gender gap on Jindal’s tax swap. Thirty-three percent of males support the plan (among Republican males that number is 54 percent), compared to only 23 percent of females.

Jindal is in a world of hurt among voters across the board. For example, only 40 percent of Republicans say they support the tax swap (49 percent oppose it).

But, he is hemorrhaging women.

And this is the guy who wants to lecture the rest of the GOP on reaching out to women and minority voters?

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  1. Since Jindal only rates a C score, does this mean we qualify for a voucher to obtain a more competent governor? Wishful thinking unfortunately.


  2. Oh Bobby, care!
    The governor’s got no “under”.
    Where? oh where have the people gone?
    Back to the democrats…or anyone else?


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