Oh, the shame and humiliation of applying for the LSU president’s job!

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By Robert Mann

Do LSU officials believe it’s humiliating if the folks back home learn that you’d like to be president of the Old War Skule?

Based on their public statements, seems so.

At least, that’s how university officials defend themselves against allegations that they violated the Louisiana Public Records Act when they searched for a new system president.

On Monday, after The Advocate and Daily Reveille editor Andrea Gallo sued LSU to open up the records of the secret search which resulted in last week’s coronation of King Alexander, a university official, Herb Vincent, told The Advocate:

“LSU believes the most effective search process for a significant position such as president or chancellor is one that maintains the confidentiality of the candidates. To do otherwise would limit the pool of potential candidates. Candidates for such positions in higher education typically prefer for their names to be held in the strictest confidence and LSU feels strongly it should respect those who were potential candidates for the position of LSU President and does not wish to cause them harm with their existing employers by revealing their names.

“To do so would severely inhibit LSU’s ability to identify top candidates in future searches, which does not serve the university or the people of Louisiana well in any circumstance. LSU firmly believes that Louisiana law does not require such unwise and unwarranted disclosure.”

Let’s put aside for now the dubious claim that LSU is not required to follow the state’s Open Records law because it’s “unwise and unwarranted.” (I didn’t know university officials had the authority to decide which laws they would follow.)

And let’s put aside the questions about whether LSU System officials — a virtually all-white-male board — bothered to interview any minorities or women for the job.

Let’s also put aside the fact that LSU is a public university, hiring the highest-paid public official in the state — all behind closed doors.

Is it really true that no qualified individuals would apply for the LSU president’s job if the folks back home could find out?

Is it true, as LSU officials have earlier suggested, that public searches in higher education are rare?

Well, it appears that the folks over at the LSU System office don’t understand that the rest of us know how to use Google. We can see for ourselves if what they are feeding us is true.

Turns out, plenty of public and private universities believe that potential applicants aren’t ashamed to see their names in print as candidates for top jobs at universities.

Below is a list I compiled in about 20 minutes, on Google, using the search terms “college,” “university,” “president,” and “finalist.”

It’s not rocket science, just a simple Google search.

Check out the hyperlinks below to see a list of the people who were not ashamed to apply for the president’s job at places like the University of New Orleans, Florida State, Tennessee State, the University of New Mexico, Iowa State, George Southern, the University of Wyoming, the University of Illinois, and the University of North Dakota, just to name a few.

University of New Orleans

Florida State University 

University of Utah 

South Carolina State University 

Northern Kentucky State University 

Tennessee State University 

University of New Mexico 

Iowa State University 

Missouri State University 

Kansas Wesleyan University 

Westminster College 

Drury University 

Marietta College 

Wichita State University 

Georgia Southern 

Fisk University 

University of Nevada 

Parker University 

University of Wyoming 

University of Vermont

University of New Mexico

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lamar University

University of Northern Iowa

Winthrop University

Monmouth University

University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

University of West Georgia

SUNY Empire State College

Eastern Kentucky University

Fairmont State University

Millersville University

Emporia State University

Dillard University

Clark State University

Western New Mexico University

University of North Dakota

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2 Responses to Oh, the shame and humiliation of applying for the LSU president’s job!

  1. tls0 says:

    oh yeah? Well, none of the schools on your list can beat us in football!
    Besides, its not that “it’s humiliating if the folks back home learn that you’d like to be president of the Old War Skule.” What would be humiliating to you is if you did not get the job. What would be humiliating to the search firm is disclosing how well they “round up the usual suspects”.


  2. Z says:

    Yes. LSU is not the only LA university that does this, though. It’s so bogus — universities have got to know that their administrators and faculty apply for jobs.


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