Jindal gets what he wants from the LSU Board of Supervisors

Bobby Jindal
Bobby Jindal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Robert Mann

Pity the hapless members of the LSU Board of Supervisors. They are esteemed members of their professions and respected in their communities. But to serve on this board, Gov. Bobby Jindal apparently demanded they surrender their independence and self-respect.

It seems they do his bidding about whom to hire and fire. They remain quiet as he decimates the university’s budget. They eagerly comply with his program to relinquish the state’s health care system to corporations. In other words, Jindal says, “Jump.” They respond, “Yes, sir!”

Let’s review the dismal record.

Last year, Louisiana’s best mind in health care policy and head of the state’s public hospital system, Dr. Fred Cerise, objected to Jindal’s plan to privatize public health care. So, the board fired him.

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8 thoughts on “Jindal gets what he wants from the LSU Board of Supervisors

  1. Great column, Bob. Direct and to the point. It should be required reading for anybody interested in LSU, higher education in general, or healthcare.


  2. I did my comments over at nola.com. You sure did stir up the hornets nest in Varneyland Bob. 😆


      1. Hey, it’s funny to see the contortions some of those folks go through to justify their opinions. 🙂


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