Government sanctioning of intolerance makes Louisiana an unwelcome place to do business

By Robert Mann

When working to create jobs, Gov. Bobby Jindal believes nothing works better than abolishing taxes. He staked his 2013 legislative agenda on a failed plan to eliminate the state’s income tax, insisting that it would render us irresistible to new businesses.

Crowd in support of Gay Marriage
Crowd in support of Gay Marriage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To be precise, Jindal doesn’t believe that lowering just any taxes attracts jobs. He mostly wishes to abolish income taxes on individuals and corporations. Raising taxes on the poor and the middle-class — a 50 percent increase in sales taxes — was just fine. In fact, it was how Jindal would have financed his income tax cuts.

But is Jindal right? Will eliminating income taxes attract jobs? Well, if it did, Louisiana should be overrun with them. USA Today recently concluded that our citizens pay the fourth-lowest overall tax bill as a percentage of income.

It’s not clear how moving from fourth to second — even to first — would supercharge our economy.

Unfortunately, Jindal hasn’t a clue what it takes to attract well-paying jobs. He’s like the fix-it man whose only tool is a hammer; every problem looks like a nail.

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