Guess which voucher school The Hayride chose as showing us how “Vouchers Are Supposed To Work”?

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By Robert Mann

Ponder for a moment a stunning passage from this story in The Hayride from May of 2012:

Critics of the voucher system are holding up New Living Word as an example of how flawed the voucher system is and how people like [Jerry] Baldwin will take advantage of it to make money. Actually, what’s going on with New Living Word Church shows that the voucher system is working just as it’s supposed to[. W]e should  hope he makes lots of money and grows his school as much as possible.

As you may know, the New Living Word School was the subject of my column in today’s Times-Picayune. It’s actually one of the worst examples of Gov. Bobby Jindal‘s failed voucher program.

But don’t take my word for it. Just read the auditor’s letter about the school that The Hayride has dubbed one of the best examples of Jindal’s program.

Or, read this story from the Monroe News-Star to get a broad overview of the problems with the “school.”

If, as The Hayride has suggested, New Living Word is an example of a great voucher school, wouldn’t you hate to see a bad one?

(Hat tip and thanks to Lamar White of the excellent blog CenLamar for alerting me to what he found in The Hayride‘s archives.)

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6 Responses to Guess which voucher school The Hayride chose as showing us how “Vouchers Are Supposed To Work”?

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  2. Geaux Tigers says:

    Bob: I don’t always agree with you, but usually enjoy your opinions. This one, though, is very disappointing because it is twisting the words of The Hayride. The Hayride did not say the New Living Word is an example of a great voucher school (as you suggest). They said that what happened with the New Living Word is an example of the kind of accountability the voucher program offers, and that public education doesn’t. There is no educational system that will be perfect; any system will have problems and deficiencies. The challenge is to find a system that can quickly identify those problems and address them just as quickly. That happened with the New Living Word, and that’s why (I assume) The Hayride says is shows that the voucher program (not the school) is working. Shame on you for twisting the words, Bob. You’re better than that.


    • Robert Mann says:

      I didn’t twist anyone’s words. Just quoted them. They may not like the quote, but it’s what they said.


      • Geaux Tigers says:

        I’m sorry Bob, I guess I don’t see it. Can you tell me where you base your “quote” that the Hayride says the “New Living Word is an example of a great voucher school” (your quote)?

        The Hayride uses this as an example of a great voucher PROGRAM, not a voucher SCHOOL. Those are two very different things. If The Hayride said this was an example of a great voucher school, show me the quote and I’ll stand corrected. If they didn’t, then you should acknowledge there is a huge difference between the two. Otherwise, it looks to me as if you’re twisting words. Thanks for the response!


  3. Robert Mann says:

    Gee, I can’t imagine where I got the idea they were using the school as an example of an exemplary school in the program (you do know that one school does not constitute “a program,” right?). Except for the headline — and the rest of the story. Headline: “The New Living Word School Example — the Way Vouchers Are Supposed to Work.”


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