Bobby Jindal doesn’t have a shot at becoming president


By Robert Mann

OK, political junkies, you can exhale. Gov. Bobby Jindal says he won’t challenge Sen. Mary Landrieu for re-election in 2014. In the same spirit, I’m announcing that I won’t try out for the New Orleans Pelicans. Our two statements are seemingly unrelated, except that it’s easy to forswear interest in a job you’re not going to get.

Someone may beat Landrieu, but it won’t be an ineffective governor, harried by scandal, with job approval ratings in the mid-30s and who is less popular in his state than Barack Obama.

At least Jindal, when opting out, didn’t repeat his shopworn protest, “I have the job I want.” That’s because – given all his out-of-state travel and his regular op-eds on national issues – it’s clear that Jindal is already trying to establish presidential credibility. Losing a Senate race in 2014 wouldn’t help when he starts formally running in 2015.

Of course, he hasn’t officially announced for the presidential race, but what else can he do once he’s finished as governor?

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