Fixating on Landrieu’s Obamacare vote might not be a winning GOP strategy

Senator Mary Landrieu interviewed by WWL TV 4 ...

Sen. Mary Landrieu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Robert Mann

It was an article of faith among some Republicans that President Obama’s reelection was doomed because voters would stampede to the polls in anger over Obamacare. So, how’d that turn out? Election results notwithstanding, Republicans believe Americans hate Obamacare. That presumes, of course, they understand it, which they don’t, because Obama so poorly communicated its provisions. In the House, however, Republicans have voted 40 times to repeal it (even though it was originally their idea).

In the Senate, David Vitter and other conservatives threaten to shutter the government if Obamacare isn’t abolished. Gov. Bobby Jindal cheers them on, although responsible GOP leaders argue that’s a suicide mission to kill their chances of regaining the Senate.

Where exactly Sen. Mary Landrieu‘s Republican opponent – Rep. Bill Cassidy – stands on the government shutdown question is a mystery. He’s always voted to repeal the law, but now says he’s “deliberative” on this matter.

In any event, Cassidy and his supporters seem to think they have a winning issue. The strategy is to wrap Obamacare around Landrieu’s neck and let the law’s unpopularity drag her down.

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