Election fraud, Louisiana style: Jindal, Riser and the deal to steal a congressional seat

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, at campaign e...

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Robert Mann

Any shred of credibility that Gov. Bobby Jindal had as an ethics champion is being swallowed up by the shameless spectacle of deceit and chicanery unfolding in Louisiana’s 5th congressional district.

For those of you not following the aftermath of U.S. Rep. Rodney Alexander‘s recent resignation announcement, here’s a helpful recap provided in an editorial in Sunday’s Alexandria Town Talk:

• Republican [state Rep.] Neil Riser’s campaign was registered with the state on July 7.

• Republican Rep. [Rodney] Alexander announced his resignation a month later, on Aug. 6.

• And Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal announced the next day, on Aug. 7, that Alexander would become head of the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs, effective Sept. 30.

For those who like to read between the lines, there is this from Jindal’s announcement: “Congressman Alexander has agreed to step down from his position in Congress and serve as secretary of the department.”

“Agreed to step down”? With whom did Alexander agree on the question of whether he would resign his congressional seat? The answer appears to be, of course, Jindal.

Riser, a funeral home owner from Columbia, is one of several candidates in the election set by Jindal for Oct. 19.  He is, however, the only one who had advance word of Alexander’s impending resignation in an apparent back-room deal orchestrated by Jindal. Riser is the only candidate who had time to build a campaign organization, including creation of a web site. Jindal’s top political aide, Timmy Teppell, is said to be working for Riser’s campaign.

“It looks like they tried to rig this election,” said Republican state Rep. Jay Morris, R-Monroe, who is also running for the “open” seat. “I didn’t think this kind of thing was supposed to happen in our country.”

Jindal, of course, is the same person who campaigned for office in 2007 by attacking Louisiana’s sordid history of political hijinks.

“For too long, our state has had the reputation of being a place where who you know is more important than what you know,” Jindal said in this campaign document. “This negative perception has continuously prevented our state from attracting the type of business investment that will truly help move Louisiana forward.”

My guess is that Riser — to quote Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson — is happy, happy, happy to know Jindal, otherwise he wouldn’t be about to occupy a U.S. House seat in a shady deal foisted upon the voters.

Jindal and his GOP compatriots love to rail against election fraud. In their world, someone is always trying to steal an election by voting without proper identification, even though it’s almost impossible to find examples of elections that were actually stolen in such a manner.

But if you want to watch some old-fashioned election stealing, Louisiana-style, take a good long look at what Jindal, Riser and Alexander have cooked up in the 5th congressional district.

To quote the Town Talk editorial: “If this feels a lot like someone has stolen your vote, well, let’s just say you’re not alone.”

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30 Responses to Election fraud, Louisiana style: Jindal, Riser and the deal to steal a congressional seat

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  2. gritsngumbo says:

    Alexander is easily bought. He sold out his Democratic constituents in a “last minute” switch for a seat on the House Appropriations Committee (engineered by Karl Rove) so it’s not surprising that he would “roll over” for Governor Swindle for a $70,000 per year boost to his retirement fund. And he thinks he can be a viable candidate for Governor? Everyone I know (even those who don’t follow politics) is pissed. Re: Riser, word on the street is that Riser has hired a local political consultant to front for Teppell as he’s so toxic in the southern part of the district, little knowing that the “fronts” name” is equally toxic in the northern part of the district.Too bad the “D’s” couldn’t have fielded one good candidate to go against the dozen or so “R’s” who are bound to file tomorrow. Never heard of the “dude” from Marksville, but the other two have announced don’t excite many.


  3. earthmother says:

    I believe state cabinet members – secretary of veterans affairs included – have to be confirmed by the senate. Time to tell our state senators that this retirement-grab and the obvious attempt to subvert fair elections is unacceptable. Do not confirm Alexander – he is completely complicit in activities that, if not illegal, are certainly unsavory and unethical. Time for us to hold our senators accountable. No more rubberstamping Piyush’s unethical and tyrannical actions.


    • Butch Gautreaux says:

      The State Senate not confirming Rodney to the Veterans post is not only improbable, it will never happen. There will be some uncomfortable questions for him in the Senate committee but in the end he will be confirmed. The same Republicans and Democrats who have bowed to Jindal for six years now will continue to give him what he wants. Each member of the committee will have their marching orders long before the session begins.


  4. Victor3 says:

    Jindal-land aka Loser-iana, where education policy in particular and politics in general are like the Twilight Zone taking place inside the Bermuda Triangle. If you think this is unseemly just look at the activities of John White. Turns this into a church picnic.


  5. elected offical says:

    I don’t feel like anyone has stolen my vote, but I do feel that hate-filled opportunists like you and the Gannett muckrakers salivate at the opportunity to discredit Governor Jindal or any other reform-minded leaders in our state. You downplay actual voter fraud, like the Cincinatti case of Melowese Richardson, who BRAGGED about voting SIX times for President Obama, and insinuate that her style of ACTUAL election fraud happens so infrequently as to have no effect on electoral outcomes. I have no issue with Representative Alexander talking to others in the political spectrum before deciding to retire, and I have no issue with Senator Riser wanting to represent the 5th District at the Federal level. I intend to vote for him, and do my part to increase the number of conservative voices in Congress. I do have a question for you: have you ever qualified for an elected position? Or have you always been satisfied to spew your vitrol while hiding behind those who have the intestinal fortitude to put their name on the ballot?


    • Robert Mann says:

      I find it interesting that you apparently are not aware of the First Amendment. You might check it out. It’s in the Bill Rights. Interesting, it doesn’t require that someone run for political office in order to enter the public sphere. Jindal’s minions have leveled the same criticism at me, suggesting that I have no right to comment on public affairs unless I am willing to run for governor. It’s that attitude — that only the opinions of candidates count for anything — that is partly to blame for why our state’s politics are so corrupt and vacuous.


      • elected offical says:

        I never said that you did not have the right to comment on public affairs, I simply implied that you and the countless others like you who have all the answers figured out ought to run for office. I also didn’t say your opinions didn’t count for anything. I said that they were hate-filled, muckraking, and one-sided, but not that they didn’t count. I rather appreciate your website, it has allowed me to discontinue use of my low blood pressure medicine!


      • Robert Mann says:

        I applaud your public service, but please acknowledge that others can serve without running for office. For my part, I served the public for more than 20 years as an aide to three U.S. senators and a Louisiana governor. In February of next year, I will be inducted into the Louisiana Political Hall of Fame. Perhaps you don’t agree with my views, but I do believe I’ve devoted many years of my life to public service.


    • gage says:

      Can’t be a muckraker unless there is muck to rake. Plenty of that in Louisiana.


    • Stephen Winham says:

      Since you are obviously quite proud of yourself and your position as an elected official why not show that you are also courageous by identifying yourself?


    • Rose says:

      Excuse me but you are spewing all over the place…


  6. Butch Gautreaux says:

    There are a lot of Republican supporters of Jindal who are not happy with him but those disagreements are confined to private lunches, the golf courses and card games. None would complain within earshot of the public. The twist here is that Alexander needed to be replaced with someone further to the right so Jindal made him a lucrative deal and he bit. Sadly the retirement system becomes another victim of Jindal deal making, the same systems he has been hell bent on destroying along with State Group Benefits, the most economical and efficient public health insurance department in the Nation.


    • ACT322 victim says:

      Butch, who are you to talk about Jindal and civil service after what you did with Act 322, That act was clearly in prep of Jindal’s endevors at reducing the “size of the goverments footprint”. You really stuck it to may loyal civil service servants and the dependents on that one.


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  8. wolfpack1 says:

    This story is completely false. According to the records of the Louisiana Secretary of State, found here http://www.sos.la.gov/BusinessServices/SearchForLouisianaBusinessFilings/Pages/default.aspx, Riser’s campaign was not formed until August 7, 2013, the day after Alexander announced his resignation.


    • Robert Mann says:

      Nice try, but the date of filing incorporation papers doesn’t disprove anything that’s been alleged here. Riser clearly had a fully developed web site, something you don’t throw together overnight.


  9. John says:

    Edwards/Blanco 2016(?)


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  11. griffinscott says:

    I enjoy your work Mr Mann, this was my take on Kingfish Jindal and Make A Deal Neil – http://griffinscott.wordpress.com/2013/08/14/brilliant-marketing-bobby-jindal-duck-dynasty/


    • Robert Mann says:

      Thanks. Great piece. My only quibble is that I think Rodney would be an awful, uninspiring candidate for governor. He is as bland and boring as cheese toast.


  12. Wolfpack1 says:

    Well your story says July 7, which is the completely wrong date. And in realty I could have a website up in an hour, WordPress and other template services make it very easy.


  13. And if Edwin Edwards had done the same thing, Mann would be trumpeting him as a political genius. Cuz after all, there’s nothing illegal about it, is there? Total democrat hack.


  14. Kerry says:

    I would question the author on two aspects here. Quoting:
    “Jindal and his GOP compatriots love to rail against election fraud. In their world, someone is always trying to steal an election by voting without proper identification, even though it’s almost impossible to find examples of elections that were actually stolen in such a manner.”
    Firstly, it is VOTER fraud the GOP is always on about. ELECTION fraud is a totally different beast, and equally deplorable.
    Secondly, you say “almost impossible…” Can you actually cite ANY examples of Democrat-initiated election fraud in the last 30 years?


  15. Bobby Jindal is not all he’s cracked up to be.


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