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Former-TFAer and Broad-trained Louisiana “Superintendent” John White must broadcast something data-ish to demonstrate that He Is Right and Reforms Are Working. Mind you, his reforms are not working; they are a repeatedly demonstrated con perpetrated on Louisiana’s education system. Nevertheless, White insists on issuing the following press release regarding the “usefulness” of Louisiana’s first student learning target (SLT) result. White actually released this statement. I bolded the Dodo-race nonsense White promotes as Proof That the Reforms Are Working:

The Department of Education today released a list of schools across the state that had successful student outcomes and set a high bar for what students would learn during the school year. Yesterday, the Department released a list of schools with a high bar for excellence in classroom teaching, and todays release highlights schools that have made a similar commitment to setting a high bar for the progress students are expected to achieve.

Each of the schools on the list was in the states top 10 percent for student improvement or overall achievement and at the same time had 20 percent fewer of its teachers scored at the highly effective level on the student learning target element of the Compass process.

“These schools show the great results that can be achieved when educators have high expectations for the students they teach,” said State Superintendent John White. “By raising the bar for what children are expected to achieve academically, educators raised the bar for what they could achieve professionally, which is the goal of Compass.”  [Emphasis added.]

Translation:  Having many teachers miss scoring highly effective on teacher ratings/observations on SLTs is proof that SLTs are working in schools that are improving.

Keep running, Alice. There is no finish line.

My thanks to my colleague Herb Bassett for providing the details on just how well SLT ratings are working (tongue in cheek) for select among those state-run, RSD charters White refuses to properly monitor. Specifically, Bassett comments on the four Firstline charters and their astounding (tongue again in cheek) SLT results. I copied much of the text of Bassett’s email to me yesterday; it is just too good to omit:

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