John White to schools on Common Core requirements: you get a pass

By Robert Mann

After years of hollow talk about no excuses and demanding excellence, and all kinds of TFA psychobabble, state education Superintendent John White finally says, “Never mind.”

If a school bombs once Common Core is in place, the worst it will drop is one letter grade.

The Times-Picayune | reported Friday,

Addressing fears that tougher new tests will result in a spike in F-rated schools, state Superintendent John White floated a proposal Thursday (Sept. 19) to limit the impact: No matter how elementary and middle school students perform on tests this year, their schools’ letter grades will drop only one level at most.

White presented the policy outline to the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education Superintendents’ Advisory Council in Baton Rouge.

If I arranged my grading scale like that, my students would love me, but they wouldn’t respect me.

So, why should we believe anything White says about demanding the best from schools, students and teachers? Either he and Gov. Bobby Jindal really believe it and practice it, or they don’t. Hint: they don’t believe it, nor do they really practice it.

Once again, we see very clearly the politicization of our state’s educational system. They want us to believe they are pushing hard for excellence, when all they care about is the public perception of their actions.

Plummeting test scores means public outrage and bad press. So what does White propose? Let’s obscure the test results and make sure they don’t really matter.

Remember this story next time you hear White and Jindal talk about demanding “excellence” from our schools and our students.

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One Response to John White to schools on Common Core requirements: you get a pass

  1. Stephen Winham says:

    More hypocrisy layered with arrogance. Our very own Nero is fiddling while education in Louisiana burns.


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