Vitter and his Democratic foes: Can’t anyone behave like an adult?

Louisiana Senator David Vitter at 9/12 Tea Par...
Louisiana Senator David Vitter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Robert Mann

Perhaps, like me, your feelings about Sen. David Vitter are complicated. He humiliated himself when he became a customer of the “D.C. Madam.” Although Vitter has never specified the “serious sin” he disclosed in July 2007, he’s never disputed press accounts, which linked him to a Washington, D.C., prostitution ring.

While the scandal didn’t destroy him politically, it will continue to dog him, especially if he runs for governor in 2015. And if he lives to be 100, it will consume at least a paragraph in his obituary.

What the sordid episode didn’t do, however, was prompt his political obituary. Vitter apologized to his family, his staff and to us. Three years later, in 2010, a majority of the state collectively yawned and re-elected him.

Sure, it might have been helpful if he’d divulged exactly what he apologized for, but he had young children at the time. Demanding that he publicly narrate his sexual exploits seems cruel and useless. He’s said he’s sorry, and I believe him. His wife forgave him. As Pope Francis said recently about another topic, who am I to judge?

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