The GOP’s Obamacare Insanity

By Robert Mann

Among the definitions of insanity is one often attributed to Albert Einstein: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” That, of course, could explain why the Republican-led U.S. House voted more than 40 times to repeal Obamacare, somehow expecting President Barack Obama to abandon his signature legislative achievement.

That’s absurd, I know, but many tea party Republican House members actually believed Obama would surrender to their demands.

Here’s my own definition of insanity: “Detesting Obama so much that you fail to recognize that he and his party have accepted your policy ideas on health care.” That is, in fact, a very accurate description of the Republican Party’s current derangement.

And derangement it is.

It’s a deranged party that would slander Obama as a socialist for adopting many ideas first promulgated by conservative Republicans decades ago. It’s a deranged party that rejects a free-market approach to health care – something it has long championed – simply because Obama now supports it. It’s a deranged party that would shutter the entire federal government over its irrational loathing of Obamacare with a strategy, that even if it succeeded, would have left Obamacare intact. It’s a deranged party that says it’s socialism to require citizens to purchase health insurance when that party invented the very idea.

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7 Responses to The GOP’s Obamacare Insanity

  1. Stephen Winham says:

    Deranged and insane are mild terms for these guys and it could even be an excuse for their hypocritical actions – If I’m crazy, I have no personal responsibility. Maybe evil would be a better label. We truly are pawns in this game.


  2. Christine Kooi says:

    I was registering my objections to Rep. Cassidy’s stance on the Republican shutdown on his Facebook, but I have now been blocked from commenting there. The Tea Partiers really don’t want to hear from anyone who disagrees with them, do they?


  3. Steve DiLeo says:

    Gosh, folks if it’s so great why doesn’t Landrieu want it? My premiums have doubled and the website could use a years’ delay. You want a path to single payor – just admit it (even if it is unmanageable).


    • gage says:

      I don’t have any problem admitting it: I want single-payer.


      • Steve DiLeo says:

        Would you champion Congress living with that as well? If they did so I’d gladly jump in, but that’s safe for me to say because they would never have their families subject to such a program.


      • sue addington says:

        If Obamacare is so great, why doesn’t Congress and Obama himself use it?


  4. Want Better says:

    As a single mother, I believe that my rights have been violated by Governor Jindal, Patrick Dobard, John White and the entire administration of the RSD(Ridiculous School Department). I mean really, how can this governor really believe that it’s okay for him to make a choice for the parents of St. Helena. Someone mentioned earlier that he didn’t show test scores from the middle school instead he showed scores from the New Orleans schools. Not only has White, Dobard and Jindal not shown scores from the middle school, they never provided eight grade parents with summary report from the spring LEAP test. Parents were issued a letter listing the student’s LEAP scores in each subject. There was nothing to compare the scores against. When asked for the report, I was told it was being processed. When scores came out for everyone else, around May 7, 2013, the middle school scores were not released to parents until May 31st. Just enough time, in my opinion, to CHANGE Test scores to reflect growth. How blind can these so called leaders be? Jindal is using his puppets DOBARD AND WHITE to carry out these evil, malicious double standards. (By the way JINDAL is a republican…………can’t trust them). GOP shutdown the government while at the same time JINDAL is shutting down parent choice in St. Helena. Bobby is trying to prove a point that can’t be proven which is RSD is a better choice….. so not the case. I really hope that the state leaders are reading this blog and investigate the logic behind Bobby’s decisions. He is running Louisiana as a whole into the ground. It’s not about the citizens of Louisiana, it’s not about parent choice, Bobby could care less. It’s about his unfounded, uneducated, bias, double-standard and hypocritical decisions that are causing ruin in Louisiana. It is my prayer that Bobby, Patrick and John do the right thing and give up their roles as so-called leaders. I want better for my children and the RSD is NOT it. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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