Jindal: Louisiana open for business (for my big donors)

By Robert Mann

As I’ve read the “Louisiana Purchased” stories all week in the Times-Picayune | NOLA.com about the ways Gov. Bobby Jindal has allowed his top donors to purchase various appointments and favorable consideration from his administration, my mind keeps coming back to this passage from Jindal’s 2010 book, Leadership and Crisis:


By his own standard, isn’t Jindal guilty of “corruption” and “cronyism”?

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2 Responses to Jindal: Louisiana open for business (for my big donors)

  1. He too controls LSU and has greatly weakened higher education at LSU and all state colleges, where other states have grown higher Ed. Yet he found 2millon dollars for a Gov. Foster library ,the only reason must be he wants one. The dollars could go to repairs at Grambling where players got Staph infection from unclean uniforms. we could put it toward research at Pennington, or pay the added cost of his fast demise of the charity hospitals


  2. Bob in BR says:

    Do you suppose Jindal ever read his own book? If so he must have been crying with laughter as he wrote the underlined comment about Long. I’ve always felt that the two actually are quite similar in style with the notable exception that Huey Long did perform some good deeds for the people and the state, a notion that is glaringly lacking in Jindal’s psyche and actions.


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