Why Bobby Jindal will never be president (part 2)

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By Robert Mann

I once argued that Gov. Bobby Jindal’s participation in an exorcism would prove deadly to his national political ambitions. I still believe that to be the case, and it may well be the reason that Mitt Romney passed over Jindal in favor of Rep. Paul Ryan in 2012.

But I believe there is another, more powerful reason, Jindal will never be president.

He’s a bigot.

There’s really no other way to view someone who goes out of his way to endorse and defend the abhorrent views of a bigoted homophobe like Phil Robertson of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty.”

Robertson, as everyone surely knows by now, spewed some awful things about gays in an interview with GQ. (In that interview, he also denied the Jim Crow era.)

It wasn’t the first time Robertson had made hateful, bigoted remarks about gays and lesbians.

In 2010, he said that gays are “ruthless,” “full of murder,” “arrogant” and tend to “invent ways of doing evil.” Just last week, after A&E suspended him from the show, Robertson told members of his West Monroe, La., church:  “Jesus will take sins away. If you’re a homosexual, he’ll take it away. If you’re an adulterer, if you’re a liar, what’s the difference?”

So, with all that background surely in his mind, Jindal re-entered the fray late on Friday afternoon. Shortly after the network announced it was bowing to pressure from the bigoted Right and restoring Robertson to the show, Jindal tweeted: “I’m glad to hear that A&E came to its senses & recognized that tolerance of religious views is more important than political correctness.”

There’s nothing really clever or original about the tweet. It’s the kind of pandering to intolerant haters that an intern could have written for him.

But it is a remarkable statement, nonetheless, for what it reveals about Bobby Jindal.

A bigot sees comparing homosexuality to “bestiality” as a “religious view.”

A bigot views condemning such vile, hateful words as “political correctness.”

Bobby Jindal, like Phil Robertson, is a bigot.

As I wrote in an earlier post:

Maybe it’s time to start condemning those who use the Bible as a cloak for their bigoted, hateful views.

Personally, I don’t care what the Bible says about homosexuality — any more than I care what it says about slavery or the treatment of women or the stoning of disobedient children. Indeed, the jury is out on whether homosexuality is really regarded as a sin by the very flawed 1st Century people who wrote the Bible.

But I’m no longer willing to give bigoted Bible thumpers a pass when they use the Bible as a tool to incite hatred and fear and division.

If you want to be a bigot and make bigoted statements, you have that right. But for God’s sake — For. God’s. Sake. — quit misappropriating the Bible to do it.

If you want to smear gay citizens as deviants and compare them to people who have sex with animals, then have the courage to own your bigotry.

Quit hiding behind the Bible.

The next presidential nominee of the Republican Party will be a very conservative, tax-cutting, abortion-hating, global-warming denying white male. That person, however, will not be a bigot who vehemently endorses the hateful speech of other bigots.

That person will not be Bobby Jindal.

If he really wants to be president, it’s time for Jindal to perform another exorcism.

This time, he needs to banish the ugly, nasty bigotry that he, himself, has embraced. 


7 thoughts on “Why Bobby Jindal will never be president (part 2)

  1. “I once argued that Gov. Bobby Jindal’s participation in an exorcism would prove deadly to his national political ambitions. ”

    I am not so sure. Casting Satan out of him may help his chances.


  2. But apparently from what Gateway Pundit has headlined, lil booby still doesn’t get it that ole Phil’s freedom of speech was never in jeopardy. .

    Today is a good day for the freedoms of speech and religious liberty


  3. While I can see your case for Jindal’s bigotry, it is difficult to know what he actually believes about anything, including freedom of speech. His every move is geared toward becoming the darling of the farthest of the far right and he apparently will do and say whatever he believes will serve that purpose.

    One thing he does not seem to get, for sure, is that even as ridiculous a person as Ted Cruz seems to have more support on the far right than he does, as does Chris Christie who is a flaming moderate compared to either of them.


    1. Agree with you there, Stephen. Bobby is being a politician, sucking up to the folks who handed him his butt in the Riser coronation that wasn’t.
      But Phil is mellowing; his latest declaration only equates homosexuality to adultery and lying instead of besitality. Adultery and lying are quite common in the area and not considered any big deal unless you are the one cuckholded or lied to……


      1. When I was young, a divorced could not get remarried in a Protestant church. Somewhere it must have been decided that that sin in the Bible was no longer valid. As for the “beastiality”, one rarely sees that word except from a fundamentalist Christian or a Far Right politician. Makes one wonder what they do in their spare time.


  4. Bigotry is not religious freedom. Bigotry is bigotry, I agree that bigots should take responsibility for their own prejudices and stop hiding behind the Bible. No wonder so many are moving away from religion. Bobby Jundal is no better than Phil Robertson, he just should know better. The conservatives and the bigots will always support him, so who exactly does he think he will attract with that garbage mouth?


  5. Well, after five years in office, it is readily apparent, Jindal is an economic bigot as well.


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