Anonymous ULM student to appear on Alan Colmes national radio show

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By Robert Mann

I just joined the anonymous author of this amazing post about being gay in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, to tape an interview with Alan Colmes for his show on Fox Radio.

In the piece, the University of Louisiana Monroe student, who lives just miles from Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame, wrote:

I can’t be gay in Northeast Louisiana. I came out to my parents, and they’ve shoved me back into the closet.

“The family isn’t ready to hear that,” they said.

The family isn’t ready. Well, I suppose in all fairness it did take some getting used to myself.

I live in West Monroe, and I’m a Mass Communications student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM). I moved here because it’s more progressive than my hometown, also in Northeast Louisiana. I mean, it has two gay bars. Look out San Francisco.

But West Monroe is also home to the most famous anti-gay person in the world: Phil Robertson. I’ve never met Phil. But I was raised by a Phil Robertson.

Here’s a link to a recording of the interview.

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