Welcome back to David Vitter’s prostitution scandal

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By Robert Mann

I think it may be difficult for Democrats to get much traction against Sen. David Vitter by making his 2007 prostitution scandal an issue in his upcoming race for Louisiana governor.

Personally, I’m much more concerned about how Vitter and his GOP colleagues have been screwing the poor, not prostitutes. Now, that’s the real scandal.

That said, the seven-year-old scandal will be an issue in his governor’s race. Vitter’s opponents will force him to answer more questions about it than he’s answered thus far. Which is zero. And the national press will be obsessed with it, which will only make another Louisiana election a laughingstock.

Like it or not, that’s a fact.

Do you want proof that the scandal will continue to dog him? Check out these recent posts on Twitter.

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6 Responses to Welcome back to David Vitter’s prostitution scandal

  1. Mary R says:

    He broke the law and never answered for it and then goes on to continue to make laws for the rest of us. He is a hypocrite and I ‘m and getting a sick stomach just thinking about him being Governor. He is a disgrace, running on his “family values” crapola while paying prostitutes. I personally don’t care who he wants to have sex with and long as he isn’t telling the rest of us how virtuous he is while having sex with prostitutes , which is a crime last time I looked.


  2. Rose says:

    We may forgive him for his human faults but by no means should we feel compelled to vote him into office!


  3. Mary R says:

    How can you forgive someone for breaking the law while sitting in the Senate? Are we supposed to make a habit of electing felons, once we know they are? He basically admitted to it, but he was never investigated or asked to pay for it legally. As I said, I don’t care who he has sex with and if his wife can sleep in that bed, more power to her. I hate what he did while pretending to be so holy but I really hate his politics even more. It was a very convenient suicide by the Madam, wasn’t it?


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