Jindal on Common Core: He was for it before he was against it

By Robert Mann

Gov. Bobby Jindal announced Wednesday he’s moving to extract Louisiana from Common Core. Whatever you might think about the standards, which Jindal now describes as a federal government plot to take over the state’s education system, Common Core was an invention of the National Governors Association, of which Jindal was a member.

Common Core was a policy that Jindal once enthusiastically supported, that is until his presidential ambitions overrode any concern for the education of Louisiana’s students.

In other words, Jindal is telling us that he will not allow President Obama to use the education standards that Jindal helped create, and then enthusiastically promoted, to “take over” Louisiana education system.

This is a “leader” who Republicans should take seriously as a presidential candidate?

Here are just a few examples of Jindal’s previous, strong support for Common Core:

In a video released by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation on April 2 , 2014, Jindal said :

“Adopting the Common Core State Standards … will raise expectations for every child.”

In January 2012, Jindal announced his so-called education “reforms.” Of Common Core, he said:

“Adopting the Common Core State Standards, which will raise expectations for every child.”

Jindal staffer Kyle Plotkin, defended Common Core in November 2012, saying,

“In order to make sure our kids are able to compete with students around the country and the world in math and science, students in the scholarship program are taking the exact same tests as the students in public schools. Starting in 2014 with Louisiana’s move to the Common Core State Standards, those will be nationally standardized assessments. That means that a parent can choose the school with the curriculum and environment that’s right for their child, while still ensuring that they are receiving the baseline content they need to compete.

“Furthermore, these results are going to be summarized and publicly available so parents and taxpayers can make comparisons. Schools whose scholarship students do not do well on the exams will not be allowed to continue participating in the program.”

Wednesday, all of that changed. Here are some tweets by Jindal:

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One Response to Jindal on Common Core: He was for it before he was against it

  1. Stephen Winham says:

    Of all the political positions taken by Governor Jindal, this is the most shameful. It can do nothing to benefit our state or nation and only makes political sense if the appeal is to the farthest of the far right – the same political segment that defeated the already-conservative Eric Cantor.

    Even superficial research will reveal the U.S. continues to lag educationally among the countries with which we compete world-wide. Such research also reveals Louisiana consistently ranks with a handful of other states at the bottom in educational quality nationwide. If you just look at these and a few other facts, you have to wonder what is wrong with the establishment of national standards, particularly if the means to achieve them is not a rigid set of instruction?


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