Christians and the plight of the ‘border children’

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Pity the poor American Christian. From every side, he is persecuted, set upon by government bureaucrats, forced to do this, required to do that — denied his God-given right to pay low taxes and live as he pleases.

If he is a business owner and wishes to refuse his services to gays and lesbians, he finds it an appalling violation of his “religious freedom” to be told that the Constitution’s 14th amendment might render his actions not merely deplorable, but also illegal.

America’s Christians, mostly those on the political right, certainly are a persecuted and angry lot. As soon as some crazy liberal questions the sanity of toting guns into churches, schools or grocery stores, they’re itching to fight.

Politician preachers — like Gov. Bobby Jindal, former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Penn.) and Texas Gov. Rick Perry — never tire of preaching to Christians about the crucifixion liberals have in mind for them. Like the political carnies they are, these charlatans treat their supporters like they’re a horde of dupes, easily persuaded they are the most disadvantaged people on earth.

Indeed, listening to the politicians as they preach, someone from another planet might conclude that Christian churches are filled with pious, intolerant, gun-toting, angry white men. You know, just like Jesus and his disciples.

Which raises the question: Why do so many religious conservative leaders — especially the political variety — speak so much about their “rights,” but so little about actual teachings of Jesus?

It turns out that Jesus spent most of this time talking about the plight of the poor and other of society’s outcasts — orphans, widows, the sick and those in prison. In fact, Jesus’ last story before his death was about how he would one day judge his followers on how they treated “the least of these.”

Busy preaching sermons of fear and grievance to their flocks, Jindal and his ilk rarely discuss the real, compassionate message of the gospels. They certainly don’t seem to know that Jesus talked, not about his rights, but about his followers’ sacred obligation to the wellbeing of others.

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1 thought on “Christians and the plight of the ‘border children’

  1. Now I know why journalism is in the sad state it is in. This article is simply an extended ad hominem insult, the favorite ploy of liberals. 50 years ago, under the guise of justice, the Civil Rights Act was passed. Thus began the ongoing process of making white citizens second-class citizens. Gone were the days of selecting the best people for jobs – this was replaced by a quota system that leaves much to be desired. Our education system has beat a steady retreat in quality to the point where universities have honors programs that provide services that were once available to all students – and let’s also note the gender and ethnic departments that are a tremendous disservice to our young people. Let’s also recall the “War on Poverty” that has been the most expensive failure of a government program in our nations history – indeed, it could be said that this “war” has led to illegal immigration because Americans can take handouts instead of doing tough jobs. This “war” also destroyed the moral fabric of the inner city. The great thing is that you can go back and read Cicero and see that Caesar was up to the same thing and that’s what destroyed Rome. You fail to see that this is no innocent search for a better life – this is war on the United States just the way the Barbarians fought Rome. I don’t mind losing that war demographically, but to just hand over our culture is just silly. The loss of this war will start with general amnesty. A period of prosperity will follow as there is a sharp increase in taxpayers. As the Hispanic population grows, they will assume more and more political power. As the political power increases, assisted by liberal whites, more and more laws will be passed denying whites freedoms (note that the current DOJ policy is only to prosecute voter abuse committed against blacks, not whites – note that the DOJ also employs Jesse Jackson shakedown tactics on companies without enough blacks). The subsequent conflict will lead to acts of violence against whites and more active persecution of whites. I will be smiling at that time when liberals realize that their help is no longer needed and when the knife flashes across their throat – the liberal will be wearing that stunned look – “but I was with you” as they bleed to death.


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