David Vitter: Against Common Core before he was for it

U.S. Sen. David Vitter

U.S. Sen. David Vitter

By Robert Mann

Trying to separate himself from his arch-rival, Gov. Bobby Jindal, it seems that U.S. Sen. David Vitter is having trouble remembering exactly where he stands on important issues, such as Common Core.

On Friday, Vitter endorsed the Common Core educational standards that Jindal once supported, but is now vigorously working to repeal.

“I strongly support the Common Core standards,” Vitter said in an interview with C-SPAN. Vitter went even further, taking a partisan swipe at Jindal: “I support the strong standards Louisiana now has in place and think Governor Jindal’s attempt to start from scratch right before the new school year is very disruptive,” he said.

All the Louisiana press dutifully reported Vitter’s statement, but somehow missed that just a few months ago, Vitter sent out a fundraising appeal in which he declared his opposition to Common Core.

Vitter letter p 1

Vitter letter p4

On page four of the fundraising letter (no date, but clearly after his January 2014 announcement), Vitter tells supporters and potential donors:

“I am prepared to lead on these issues as Governor — to get our economy moving, hold the line on taxes, and protect our citizens from ObamaCare, the president’s insane environmental regulations, heavy-handed big government policies like ‘Common Core,’ and all the rest.” [Emphasis mine]

So, just a few months ago, Vitter believed Common Core was a “heavy-handed big government” policy. Today, however, he “strongly supports” it.

What changed in the past few months, other than Jindal’s position on Common Core?

I wonder if any enterprising reporter will ask Vitter about this very strange policy change. Did Vitter suddenly discover some hidden virtues of Common Core that eluded him earlier this year? Or, as seems more likely, is this simply a reflexive, politically motivated shift to separate himself from Jindal?

In any event, is this the kind of  wish-washy “leadership” we should expect from a Gov. Vitter? Is the education of Louisiana’s children just a matter of political convenience, a game he plays as he tries to one-up and shame Jindal?

Based on the available evidence, it certainly looks that way.


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9 Responses to David Vitter: Against Common Core before he was for it

  1. Az says:

    It’s just too easy. Calling out people like Jindal and Vitter is patently unfair—like shooting fish in a barrel


  2. Stephen Winham says:

    My favorite Ralph Waldo Emerson quote begins, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…”, He goes on, “…adored by little statesmen, philosophers, and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall.”

    Chances are Governor Jindal and Senator Vitter would like people to view them in this light rather than as self-serving hypocrites, and, certainly, neither considers himself a “little” statesman.


  3. I’m not a fan of Vitter, Jindal or Jay Dardenne– but, I’m glad Vitter and Dardenne called out Jindal on his naked opportunism. It means something to their flock. The rest of us already knew it.
    On another note, anyone see this?: Louisiana rated number one in US for business climate:
    Any comments?


  4. What about this? Think we’re sizzling hot too?
    Don’t leave yet. Don’t leave before the miracle.


  5. bucktownpirate says:

    Reblogged this on The Daily Kingfish and commented:


  6. Bob in BR says:

    Funny how some repub clowns want to claim Common Core is big govt interference when it was developed by the National Governors Association. They would blame climate change on Obama too if the tax free corporations would allow them to believe it. If common core is so evil I sure wish someone would offer an alternative. The only absolute here is that our country is steadily falling further behind in educating our youth. We are now near 20th in math and science whereas we were number one about 50 years ago. Yeah common core is different (harder for parents and teachers than kids) so I guess we should do nothing and continue our plunge into ignorance. I’m no fan of Diaper Dave and certainly won’t vote for him but I agree with his present stance on common core, though his may change with the wind. It’s all about the vote; not our future.


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