LSU system photo

By Robert Mann

It’s not enough that Gov. Bobby Jindal has stuffed his LSU Board of Supervisors with white males (there is only one woman and one African-American and they are the same person); he’s now appointed a white male who doesn’t even reside in Louisiana.

It’s well known that former U.S. Rep. Jim McCrery, once of Shreveport, gave Jindal his start in politics by making him an intern in his Washington, D.C., office. Jindal obviously wants to return the favor by giving McCrery — now a well-paid Washington lobbyist — a plum appointment.

He did so on Thursday, by putting McCrery on the LSU Board.

The only problem is that the LSU Board is chock full of old, white guys. The state’s flagship university badly needs some diversity.

Doesn’t Jindal know any black Washington, D.C., lobbyists?