Louisiana Democrats’ big favor for David Vitter

U.S. Sen. David Vitter

U.S. Sen. David Vitter

By Robert Mann

When Louisiana Democrats try to defeat Sen. David Vitter for governor next year, they’ll almost certainly roll out the fact that Vitter was embroiled in a very public and humiliating prostitution scandal in 2007.

In some fashion, they’ll ask the state’s voters, “Do you want someone as sleazy as David Vitter as your governor?” It’s not a bad question and it might cause some voters to pause before handing over the Governor’s Mansion to someone like Vitter.

Until this week, we didn’t know what the Republican response to that question might be. But now we do.

They will rightly shoot back, “This from the party that endorsed Edwin Edwards, an unrepentant felon, for Congress last year?”

It’s a good rejoinder that wouldn’t have been available to the GOP until Monday, when the Democratic State Central Committee overwhelming embraced Edwards, a sure loser in the race to represent the 24th most Republican district in the United States Congress.

But the Democrats endorsed the old crook anyway, taking a nostalgic stroll down Corruption Lane. They’d apparently rather revel in the good old days of Democratic cronyism. They’d rather embrace a disgraceful felon like Edwards than consider what it might take to rehabilitate their dying party.

By the way, the embrace of Edwards not only deprives the Democratic Party of any high moral ground in next year’s governor’s race; it also makes it much harder for Democratic leaders to credibly attack the cronyism in Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration.

The party’s endorsement won’t help Edwards get elected to Congress, but it sure might help David Vitter get elected governor.

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9 Responses to Louisiana Democrats’ big favor for David Vitter

  1. JonTB says:

    Pretty much why my party of choice in Louisiana is neither party.


  2. Bob in BR says:

    The outcome of the 6th congressional race will have no bearing whatsoever on next year’s gubernatorial race. Edwards did his time, Vitter got a free pass. I look forward to Vitter finally REALLY feeling the heat. I believe in the capacity to change and a long prison sentence will indeed change a person for the better. I’ve seen it before. Edwin Edwards did some bad things while governor but he also did quite a bit of good. This is more than can be said of our current governor. Do not allow yourself to be consumed with so much anger. It is unhealthy for you and has no effect on the object of your wrath. I don’t know who I’ll vote for yet but I am not ruling Edwards out.


  3. RealWorldGuy says:

    Bob, please stop looking at the world thru Edwards tinted glasses. We need your insight into Louisiana and national politics without it being colored by your blinding hatred of Edwin.


  4. Jesus said: “If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.” Matthew 6:14-15.

    For your own sake, I pray you will forgive Edwards and move on with the rest of your life.


  5. Ron G. Cheek says:

    Perhaps both parties have finally pushed voters to the “Tipping Point.” The endorsements of Vitter & Edwards show a blatant disregard for the morals & values of Louisiana citizens. Hopefully many more soon will proudly call themselves members to the “No Party.”


  6. Milford Fryer says:

    I don’t think pointing out the obvious constitues hatred. Yes, Edwards did a lot of good things while enriching his cronies, but those days are gone. David Vitter has never paid for his transgressions against us, and Edwards has, but neither deserves to be rewarded with yet another public office. I’m not abandoning my party, but as Bob pointed out, the leaders seem hell bent on accelerating their run to irrelevance. We seem to be picking the paint for the interior of the phone booth, which is already irrelevant.


    • Robert Mann says:

      Thanks, Milford. Amazing that some of the people who have so much problem with my criticism of Edwards are fine with what I say about Jindal. Criticize EWE? It’s hate. Criticize, Jindal? Keep up the good work!!


  7. RealWorldGuy says:

    An old, washed up politician decides to have some fun and declares his intention to run in a race where he hasn’t a chance of winning. You go ballistic. I question your judgment.

    The Democrat party endorses Edwin in the hopeless race, probably because he was the only Democrat with any name recognition. Another factor may have been the fact that Edwin is a populist. He was elected four times and still has many admirers because he governed in the interest of the citizens of Louisiana. You, and some other writers, over react. You change your voter registration and suggest that you will vote Republican this fall. This behavior, inconsistent with your life as a Democrat, especially considering the current radicalization of the Republicans, suggests a consuming hatred of Edwards.

    Your next post tries to link Edwards, in a recreational run for Congress, with next year’s Governor’s race. This stretch too far causes me to question how your biases are distorting your writing.

    In response to our comments you express amazement with our concern about your over-the-top criticism of Edwards while not objecting to criticism of Jindal.

    We thought you shared our interest in the welfare of Louisiana citizens. Your attacks on Edwards are inconsistent with that interest because the fact is that Edwards governed in support of the citizens. His subsequent questionable conviction for activities after he left office doesn’t change that fact. Your remembering only the bad moments doesn’t change the thrust of his administrations.

    On the other hand, Jindal has only governed in the interest of Jindal. He has cut corporate tax collections 70% to create excuses to cut services to citizens and to encourage the corporations to contribute megabucks to his campaigns. He has punished state employees by withholding raises and privatizing even if it costs more or provides inferior services. Why in the world would we question your documentation of these abuses?

    Your comment implies that Edwards and Jindal are equally evil. I see them as extreme polar opposites. I’m sure these brief comments are not going to change your mind. I only hope that you will move on to focus on issues that are more important than Edwin and reconsider before you vote.


  8. Robert Mann says:

    Thanks for the comment. Edwards has every right to run and those of us who dislike corrupt politicians have every right to attack him. My fundamental problem, however, is not with Edwards. It’s with the Democrat Party’s enthusiastic embrace of him. If you believe I should ignore him, then I perhaps you should urge the party to do the same. Alas, they have undermined, if not destroyed, their line of attack on Vitter next year. At the very least, they gave up whatever high moral ground they had against him (which wasn’t much to begin with).


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