Where’d your blog get that funny name?

By Robert Mann

I often get asked about the curious name of this blog. I’d like to say it was inspired by famed Washington Post journalist Carl Bernstein, who has said that the best journalism can do is give its readers “the best-obtainable version of the truth.”

It’s actually from the line of a poem by John Haines, whose other political poems are collected here.

This election season seems like as good a time as any to share with you this lovely Haines’ poem, “The Last Election.”


Suppose there are no returns,
and the candidates, one
by one, drop off in the polls,
as the voters turn away,
each to his inner persuasion.

The front-runners, the dark horses,
begin to look elsewhere,
and even the President admits
he has nothing new to say;
it is best to be silent now.

No more conventions, no donors,
no more hats in the ring;
no ghost-written speeches,
no promises we always knew
were never meant to be kept.

And something like the truth,
or what we knew by that name –
that for which no corporate
sponsor was ever offered –
takes hold of the public mind.

Each subdued and thoughtful
citizen closes his door, turns
off the news. He opens a book,
speaks quietly to his children,
begins to live once more.

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One Response to Where’d your blog get that funny name?

  1. mac coon says:

    as a decades-long election boycotter, this resonates. thanks.


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