Screen shot of Bryan Fischer, radio show host for the American Family Association
Screen shot of Bryan Fischer, radio show host for the American Family Association

By Robert Mann

As someone observed on Twitter Saturday night, “if you poke at hate enough with a stick, the hate will eventually pour out.” That is exactly what I had done earlier in the day after Bryan Fischer, host of a national radio show for the American Family Association, tweeted the following:

Fischer, you may recall, is a former senior executive of the American Family Association, the group that Gov. Bobby Jindal recruited last month to sponsor his controversial prayer rally at LSU. The Southern Poverty Law Center considers the AFA a hate group. Last month, Fischer’s execrable statements about gays became such an embarrassment, the group  sacked him.

Jindal, however, has never denounced Fischer or the AFA and its hate speech. And, curiously, Fischer’s hateful attacks on gays were not loathsome enough to cost him his AFA-sponsored radio show.

So, when I saw Fischer’s tweet, I decided to poke him and see what might happen:

What followed was a remarkable exchange which surprised me, but which also proved my Twitter friend correct. If you poke at the hate, the hate will eventually pour out.

Read the entire exchange with Fischer at this link.

2 thoughts on “Self-Parody: American Family Assn radio host attacks ‘Islamists’ for making ‘rules for everybody else’

  1. conservatives are blind to the fact that they are like American Taliban – wanting to establish their own theocracy but not seeing that they want to establish a theocracy. And howling when they think someone else is trying to force their values on them and society at large. Trying to hide behind concern for the health and wellbeing of the people they are trying to control? And they accuse “liberals” of creating a nanny state?


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