Bobby Jindal, LSU President?

By Robert Mann

Could Gov. Bobby Jindal become the next president of LSU? Why not? He’s not going to be president of the United States.

So what can Jindal do once his presidential campaign flames out like a tax increase opposed by the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry?

Monday’s announcement that Jindal crony and Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret will become president of the LSU Foundation demonstrates that despite having done his best to dismantle the university, Jindal remains firmly in control of the LSU Board of Supervisors and, therefore, every other aspect of the university.

If Jindal and Moret could preside over the near-destruction of the state’s flagship university and still persuade the university to give Moret one of the school’s plum positions, then anything is possible.

Jindal clearly thinks he has a chance to be president, but he’s really the only one. Even his Svengali, Timmy Teepell, knows in his heart of hearts that it’s not going to happen. As a well-known Washington political strategist told me the other day, “Bobby Jindal has as much chance of getting elected president as I do of winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.”

So, what could Jindal do to make a living once he’s done holding the title of governor (he’s already stopped performing the duties of the job)?

Why, lookie there, President F. King Alexander is sitting over yonder on Lakeshore Drive pulling down a cool $600,000 a year to run the LSU System. That’s about $500,000 more than Jindal makes now as governor.

And who hires and fires President Alexander? Why, it’s the very people Jindal has appointed to serve on the LSU Board of Supervisors and who have dutifully done his bidding for the last seven years.

If Jindal wants someone fired — say System President John Lombardi or Fred Cerise — they will eagerly do the job. If Jindal wants someone hired to run the LSU Foundation, say his pal Stephen Moret, then that happens, too.

I don’t know if Jindal would want to run what’s left of LSU when his gig as governor is up, but you know that cushy office with its $600,000 salary must look very enticing.

If I were President Alexander, I’d certainly keep my resume polished and up to date. He might be needing it soon.

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