LSU, you have a problem

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By Robert Mann

If the LSU Student Government Association (SGA) wanted to alienate some of higher education’s most dependable allies — lawmakers who, over the years, have vigorously fought Gov. Bobby Jindal’s deep budget cuts to the state’s universities — they stumbled on a perfect way to do so on Tuesday.

If student government leaders wanted to make LSU President F. King Alexander’s job much harder in next years’s special legislative session, by alienating some key Democrats, they did it well with their Louisiana Legislature Higher Education Report Card.

Alexander inspired the report card. It was his suggestion. What I am sure he could not have anticipated is that the SGA would end up giving D’s and F’s to some of the legislators who have fought valiantly for LSU and other universities throughout the years.

He could not have imagined a scenario in which, for example, Sen. Karen Carter Peterson would end the session with an F (partly for her vote against Jindal’s phony SAVE credit bill) while people like Speaker Chuck Kleckley and House Appropriations Chair Jim Fannin — Jindal’s budget cutting handmaidens — would be given A’s.

I’m sure he could not have imagined that stalwart opponents of Jindal’s cuts, like reps. Stephen Ortego and Sam Jones, would be awarded F’s, while longtime Jindal enablers, like sens. Mike Walsworth and Bodie White, would get A’s.

These are not Alexander’s grades. These are grades the students handed out. But, judging by Peterson’s Twitter account, Alexander and LSU officials may have some fence-mending to do.

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10 Responses to LSU, you have a problem

  1. I don’t understand. Why did the students do this?


  2. Fredster says:

    Oh dear God or Goddess: who proofed this cr@p?

    one where votes are not casted…

    I get that they are concerned about deficits and long term revenue, but they sure haven’t learned anything about politics 101.


  3. KPhillips says:

    Because Louisiana is last in education?


  4. Coopie says:

    Worst thing that could happen. Do they not know what is going on? Oh my


  5. earthmother says:

    This is sad on so many fronts. What I got out of the students’ piece: poor thinking skills, poor writing skills throughout the narrative, poor judgment, and, if Alexander was behind this pathetic butt-kiss, these students allowed themselves to be manipulated into smooching the wrong butts. I’m surprised they did not send jindal a glowing thank-you note (or maybe they did, and that is another post). Reminds me of the way an abused child thanks the abusive parent for attention in the vain hope that all will be well if only the child were a better child.

    Good luck, students, when you decide to visit some of the leges – you will find that many of those whose butts you kissed will be contemptuous and write you off, and some of the ones you graded poorly will also have little use for you. Alexander and students, you’d better learn to make nice with the RIGHT people….buying stock in a florist shop and/or stationery store would be a good start.

    Note to you COLLEGE students, if you want to be taken seriously, exhibiting high school level English skills, such as subject-verb agreement, would be impressive. See below from your narrative:

    “Whilst” and “amongst” are British forms; here in the U.S., “while” and “among” will be fine.

    “Each one of those pieces of legislation were assigned a point value…”
    The subject is “one” – the proper verb is “was” – properly the sentence would read “Each one of those pieces of legislation was assigned a point value…”
    “of those pieces” modifies the subject “one;” “pieces” is not the subject, which would have allowed the verb “were.”

    No need to go on, point made. My 43 year-old BA from LSU still serves me well.


    • Fredster says:

      Oh earthmother I would give you a gold star if I could. 😉

      There was also an instance where they had the vote tallies on a piece of legislation showing the same numbers for both the House and the Senate. Really?


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  7. James Minton says:

    For years, I’ ve been trying to understand how Bobby Jindal managed to be elected governor of Louisiana, not once but twice. Now, I’m beginning to get the picture. I believe Randy Newman was on to something with his observation on LSU.
    James Minton


  8. Stephen Winham says:

    These students prove at least 2 things:

    As noted by earthmother, we are losing our language.
    They have the most superficial view of government, but are already politically jaded. They apparently learned from their leadership that the end justifies the means no matter how stupid the means are – and, in this case, the end too..

    The main takeaway for me from this slick, but illiterate report is that they are so naive as to have no idea what people like Karen Carter Peterson are trying to do for our state.

    Sad. Very sad.


  9. LSU students are about to receive an important lesson in personal responsibility. A majority of the students voted for each representative on the SGA. If the majority of the students support this “Report Card”, then they should commend their representatives. If not, they should let their thoughts be known by how they vote in the next elections. If the majority of the students don’t care what their representatives say or do, then they (or most likely their parents) will suffer the consequences. In their defense, we adults have not set a particularly good example.


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