Freagle: Groundbreaking Political Social Network to Debut in Louisiana Sept. 8

Freagle, a free political social network designed to connect voters and candidates to engage the way our founders intended, will debut in Louisiana on Tuesday, Sept. 8. will provide a personalized political platform on which voters can customize their issue and election preferences in order to cut through the noise and spin of our current political dialogue to find out who is on their ballot and where those candidates stand on the particular issues they care about.

“Freagle is designed to connect voters to the candidates on their ballot and provide a simple mechanism for learning about where they stand and what they will do if elected,” Freagle founder and CEO Niki Papazoglakis said. “It also allows candidates to easily engage with voters on the topics they care about individually without expensive micro-targeting and polling.”

Freagle is currently operating in beta mode at:

Citizens who use Freagle can easily determine who is on their ballot, in their specific precincts. The site will use the voter’s address to automatically connect them to the races on their ballots, but voters also have the ability to manually follow races in other districts. Voters are verified so there are no trolls or political operatives.

“I hope that by making it easy and convenient for voters to be informed and engaged on elections and amendments, more people will turn out to the polls this fall and feel confident that the votes they cast are for the people and topics that best reflect their personal views,” Papazoglakis said. “Ultimately, I hope that Freagle is a catalyst to re-engage voters in this representative democracy and get us back to a citizen-led government.”

Freagle’s other features will include:

Simple means of comparing candidates. Election forums will allow voters to conduct side-by-side comparisons of the candidates in each race on their ballot and on individual issues.

On-Demand candidates’ debates. Voters can pose questions to all candidates in a race who subscribe to Freagle from the Election Forum wall rather than individually through other venues like websites, Facebook or Twitter and without having to be selected or have timed responses in live forum.

My Ballot tool. Voters can research and make voting decisions throughout the election cycle and print your choices before going to the polls.

Verification. Voters are verified so there are no trolls or political operatives.

Papazoglakis said Freagle would also be a valuable tool for the news media. “The media will have simple place to track all of the elections from a single location including who has qualified in each race, where the candidates stand on the issues, how they are engaging with voters, “ she said. “In addition, comprehensive campaign finance reports are easily accessed from each candidate’s profile.”

Freagle will feature a custom report from the state Ethics Commission that will have significantly more information than the standard download from the Ethics website, Papazoglakis said, adding that the site will also include all campaign contributions for each candidate.

(Full disclosure: I serve on Freagle’s volunteer board of advisors.)

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3 Responses to Freagle: Groundbreaking Political Social Network to Debut in Louisiana Sept. 8

  1. Fredster says:

    Sounds interesting.


  2. OneStateWorker says: beta currently doesn’t support Internet Explorer, excluding more than half the computer using world. As a member of her volunteer board of advisors, please ask her to get this fixed as soon as possible.


    • Niki says:

      OneStateWorker, thank you for your interest in Freagle. I have included 2 articles for your reference explaining why no modern websites are being built in IE. In fact, Microsoft is replacing it with a modern browser that supports newer technologies and does not have the security and compatibility issues of IE. This article explains the technical reasons why everyone should upgrade to a different browser: This article talks about Microsoft rolling out a new browser. They will only be keeping IE because it supports some older websites that were built using legacy technology:

      Freagle has been optimized for Google Chrome which is the #1 web browser in the US; however, it can also be used in Firefox and Safari which support the modern technologies on which Freagle is built.

      We very much hope that you will consider upgrading your browser to have an overall better web browsing experience. If that is not possible, the first article gives instructions for an add-on to IE which will make it operate like Chrome. Freagle has been tested in IE 10 and 11; however, we cannot guarantee performance because the technology of IE is built upon.


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