Kim Davis is playing the Christian right for suckers

Like gullible 15-year-old boys at a state fair, the Christian right is an easy mark for political carnival barkers like former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz. “Step right up, folks. See the brave woman defend your religious freedom from godless liberals who are the spawn of the Devil himself, hell-bent on destroying your Christianity! Watch the little lady risk her livelihood to defend your right to worship God.”

Promise the credulous crowd a gander at the Royal Nonesuch, and they’ll come running, waving their dollars for entry into the tent. Of course, eventually they discover the Nonesuch is a phony, just like the humbug barkers who relieve them of their cash and dignity.

This year’s Royal Nonesuch is Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who defied a federal judge who ordered her to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Davis responded that obeying the court would violate God’s law and, despite her oath of office, she insisted her religious beliefs trumped her public duties.

Davis, who took office in January, argues that issuing a marriage certificate for a gay couple would jeopardize her salvation. “It is not a light issue for me,” Davis said in a statement. “It is a Heaven or Hell decision.”

Faced with such a fraught decision, she might have resigned or delegated her duties to assistant clerks. She did neither, so the judge tossed her in jail, where she sat for five days.

She emerged from the slammer as the Christian right’s latest hero. Never mind that Davis is just a huckster like Huckabee and Cruz, whose chief talents are exploiting the fears and fantasies of conservative evangelicals.

Maybe Davis truly believes in a vengeful God who would cast her into Hell for signing a marriage certificate. Maybe, but I have my doubts.

Having worked in the Rowan County clerk’s office for more than quarter century, Davis surely knew that one of the clerk’s chief duties is to issue marriage licenses. Davis must read the papers, so she would have noticed that a federal judge last year declared Kentucky’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional. When the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals struck down that judge’s ruling, Davis certainly understood that the U.S. Supreme Court would soon settle the issue, which it did in June.

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12 Responses to Kim Davis is playing the Christian right for suckers

  1. Stephen Winham says:

    Addendum to Headline: “..and much like gullible teenagers, they’re lovin’ it.”


  2. martybankson says:

    It became transparent that the rally for support of Davis at the jail upon her release had another agenda glommed onto it when Huckabee called it a “program,” pulling the final shroud off that little secret. That “program” of course being a witnessing of Huckabee as would-be Mike-as-Christ offering to do jail time in Davis’ place; and a program to which Ted “The Cross” Cruz was not invited.
    I mean, a rally for freedom can accommodate only so many Presidential candidates.


  3. Fredster says:

    There’s a good article on this mess over at Esquire. It does contain a few of those seven words made famous by George Carlin. But what caught my eye was the sign held up by, I assume one of Kim’s supporters, which reads “Got Aids yet?”. I thought “Isn’t this just a wonderful picture of what these folks believe.”. Poor Kim, apparently she never got that “Render unto Caesar” thing in her bible studies.



  4. Fredster says:

    As someone pointed at some place I went to on this subject: “Welp, there’s the keynote speaker for the Republican National Convention”.


  5. Robert Day says:

    As cogent an analysis as I can imagine.

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  6. Ken Burk says:

    What bothers me especially is how Huckabee, a supposed man of god…a preacher or minister, is so damned narrow minded. A short while back he went of on transgendered people and I just sat there slack jawed at how hateful and insensitive he was.


  7. OneStateWorker says:

    Something that should be stated in every discussion of this issue is that it has NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION AND FAITH!!! Marriages may be performed by judges and justices of he peace. No religious person needs to be involved. This change simply permits committed gay couples to have the same legal rights and obligations regarding their partner as the heterosexual couple next door.

    A Tweet by Rachel Held Evans is also important: No one’s being jailed for practicing her religion. Someone’s being jailed for using the government to force others to practice her religion.

    Keep up the good work, Bob!


  8. earthmother says:

    As a longtime public servant (with almost as many years in the private sector) I think I’m on solid ground saying that if one is not able or willing to perform the essential functions of a job, s/he should find another line of work. Unless the job demands are unsafe/dangerous or illegal, employees should perform the duties required. Kim Davis was not sanctioned for her Christian beliefs, she was jailed for refusing a court order to do her job and prohibiting her staff from doing theirs.

    To steal a great quote from an earlier commenter: “saying that someone else’s marriage is against your religion is like criticizing someone for eating sweets while you are on a diet.”


  9. WaktzingPsAnt says:

    King Huckaby and Duke Cruz are on that flatboat now, squabbling over the cut but knowing that
    there will be book deals, a documentary ( listen up Dinesh ) , and a place at the Fox knows.
    They are floating down the river singing “Oh,How The Money Rolls In!
    If they really fear and tremble at the Words of the bible, they need to check the definition of
    blasphemy and pray like Hell.


  10. John D Fitzmorris says:

    It is the same old thing the desire to be noticed and hucksters like Cruz and Huckabee to take advantage for their tawdry moments in the TV glare. What a perversion of
    Our public


    • WaltzingPsAnt says:

      Agreed: this Dog and Pony show seems to validate the idea ( I don’t know the origin ) that ” Politics
      is show business for ugly people.” .


  11. porchtalkmbl says:

    A great posting Bob! I could not agree more. I am reading a 2007 book currently about the same type of show in the creationism vs. evolution debate. Always a good show; always a steady supply of suckers. The show(s) must (and will) go on.

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