Louisiana governor candidates on poverty, children’s issues

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I wrote a column in NOLA.com few weeks ago about the very good survey that the United Way of Southeast Louisiana had submitted to the candidates for governor. Most of the questions related to poverty and children.

Here at the following link are the responses from three of the candidates, Scott Angelle, Jay Dardenne and John Bel Edwards. David Vitter, you may not be surprised to learn, refused to respond to the survey.


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6 Responses to Louisiana governor candidates on poverty, children’s issues

  1. Aliz says:

    Did David Vitter give any reasonable explanation for not responding to the survey?
    We have just gone through eight years of a governor who didn’t hold press conferences or talk to / answer questions from citizens. Do we really want another 4 – 8 years of a non-responsive administration?
    The responses to the survey gives a good idea of the shape of the candidates future administration. Let the “buyers” beware!!!


  2. Bob in BR says:

    Vitter has adopted the mantra that, given his personal and professional imperfections, the less you know about him the better.


  3. June Butler says:

    Arrogant so-and-so. Vitter’s afraid to debate. He’s afraid to answer questions. We know who he’s against from his vicious TV ads, but what does he stand for?


    • Aliz says:

      He doesn’t want us to know what he is for or about. If he doesn’t speak “on the record”, we can’t hold him accountable pro or con.


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