Gov. Bobby Jindal, his presidential campaign almost broke, desperately needs money. Just how desperate is Jindal for cash to keep his campaign alive?

He sent this email to supporters (and me) last night after LSU’s victory over Florida in Tiger Stadium.


Let’s be clear: Jindal did not attend the LSU football game. His children were in attendance, but not with the governor.


More important than Jindal’s subtle deception about his whereabouts on Saturday night was his troubling message: He takes LSU and its supporters for dupes.

Jindal essentially said to me (and his supporters): Why don’t you celebrate the football success of a university I tried to destroy by sending me $7.

I could write another two or three hundred words about the audacity and shamelessness of Jindal’s appeal. Instead, I invite you to simply re-read Jindal’s email.

And, then, maybe you’d like to send him something other than $7. A message, perhaps. If so, here’s his Twitter handle: @bobbyjindal.

9 thoughts on “Desperate for cash, Jindal tries to raise money off LSU football win

  1. Robert, the question is, how did Bobby’s campaign get the mailing list used for the email blast? I didn’t get one. Did he get it from a list of TAF donors? That might be worth investigating. My concern is that someone’s privacy rights have probably been violated – which may prove to be a Federal crime. Now that might be the way to put a final nail in this clown’s coffin!

    Don Chauvin


    118 LeBlanc Street

    Abbeville, LA 70510

    337-893-6798 Ext 29


  2. The truth is simply not in him. Jindal is a shameless grifter. Anyone who gives money to further his schemes is not any better. There is surely a special place in hell for those who use their position of trust for their personal gain, and who deliberately harm people who are least able to withstand their depredations.


  3. Oh well, it could have been worse. I have so far rec’d 3 calls asking me to vote for Sen. Vitter for governor because he’s the only candidate who has acted on behalf of pets. It begins,’I know you are like me and care about animals. Did you know…….On behalf of [the animals we care about], vote for David Vitter. Tel. # 504.273.7718. On behalf of my rat terrier, I hung up early in the first two calls. But I listened all the way through on the third—just to be sure I was not dreaming this.


  4. Thanks for sharing your email from Bobbyji. I couldn’t bring myself to sign up for info from him, so I really appreciate your iron stomach.


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