Sen. David Vitter’s blatant pay-to-play scheme


This may be the most blatant, breathtaking pay-to-play message I have ever seen in politics.

Will anyone in the media, if he or she could get to him, ask Sen. David Vitter if he approves of this shakedown scheme that his supporters have planned for next week?

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14 Responses to Sen. David Vitter’s blatant pay-to-play scheme

  1. refchef says:

    Is this really unusual or more blatant than usual in political fundraising? Seems typical to me, if somewhat desperate.

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  2. earthmother says:

    Pretty obvious that the lobbyists AND THEIR CLIENTS who pay up will have access while those who don’t pony up the cash will be out in the cold. Anyone who claims they don’t know the truth about vitter’s character is lying or living under a rock. And the polls show a general lack of interest in the election. What a sad state we live in.

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  3. Fredster says:

    Sounds like we’ll be going back to the days of handing out checks on the floor of the legislature.

    So he’s fighting eight SuperPACs and opponents eh? Question: who already has the most money on hand and sitting in his PAC accounts?


  4. Fredster says:

    Bob I sent this to an acquaintance in KY and his reply was:

    Is there an Ethics Commission in LA? KY got so bad they created one for this type of thing. Now you can’t be this blatant, but it still goes on with phone calls instead of putting the sleaze in writing.

    it’s so difficult when you have to give “yes, but…” replies to a question like that.


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  7. Butch Gautreaux says:

    For Vitter it is all about the money. It is unfortunate that the sleaze he is, is so good at bringing in the cash. I find it strange that no one has pointed out that there is not ten degrees difference between Jindal and Vitter. They hate each other but they are just alike. Vitter is only the second candidate refusing the debates while running for a statewide office. The first of course was Jindal.


    • Stephen Winham says:

      Amen, Butch.

      Wouldn’t it be a wonderful surprise if Vitter got squeezed out Saturday. Despite his having made enemies as a reformer, I was sadly surprised when Roemer got squeezed out years ago. I want to be happily surprised this time.

      Senator Vitter has proven himself the least informed of the candidates in the few debates he attended – he doesn’t even seem to know what is in the Vitter Plan to which he so often refers us when put in a corner.

      I have talked with NOBODY who supports Vitter – quite the contrary (and I still run into people who support Jindal). Maybe it’s the company I keep – or maybe, just maybe, we can get a pleasant surprise Saturday.


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