St. Tammany Parish GOP Executive Committee compares Jay Dardenne to wife killer

St. Tammany RPEC Letter to Dardenne

By Robert Mann

Did Peter Egan, chairman of the GOP Executive Committee of St. Tammany Parish, really issue a letter on Friday that compares Republican Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne to a wife killer?

Why, yes, he did.

In an open letter to Dardenne dated Nov. 5, Egan wrote, “Your behavior somewhat parallels what might be in the mind frame and actions of an angry and rageful husband. The behavior of endorsing Edwards is akin to that of a jilted man firing indiscriminately at his ex-wife’s car, mindless of the collateral harm and injury to many innocent people. Unlike the jilted man who cannot take back his impulsive actions, you, however, can redress the damage you may be causing.”

What sparked this insane letter?

Dardenne, a lifelong Republican, endorsed Democratic state Rep. John Bel Edwards for governor on Thursday over a former rival, Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter. For an endorsement that so many Republicans are saying doesn’t matter, this one really seems to matter to the state’s Republican leaders.

I wonder if Sen. David Vitter shares this view? What about Wendy Vitter? Does she believe it is appropriate or decent for a Louisiana Republican leader to compare Dardenne to a man who wishes to murder his wife?

Does the Louisiana Republican Party or the Republican National Committee embrace this image of Dardenne?

What about U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy? State Treasurer John Kennedy? U.S. Rep. Garrett Graves?

Will leading Republican condemn Egan today? If not, that will speak volumes about the party that wants to retain the Governor’s Mansion.

Note: In a subsequent post, I shared what seemed to be a racist Facebook post by Egan (pictured below) from April. It appears the post was not from the same Peter Egan, although both Egans have the same name and live in St. Tammany Parish. I regret the error.

Screenshot 2015-11-06 09.54.02

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17 Responses to St. Tammany Parish GOP Executive Committee compares Jay Dardenne to wife killer

  1. Rafael Bermudez says:

    Insanity prevails!


  2. Monique Edwards says:

    This letter deeply troubled me. To compare Jay Dardenne to a domestic violence scenario speaks volumes about how low some will go. I lived in Florida and watched how the parties, particularly the Republican, become so idealogical that the needs of every day citizens was lost in the rhetoric. Louisiana is now at the point where we have to decide what is important, governance by fear, divisiveness and race baiting or one that builds consensus and seeks to uplift all of its citizens. Finally all these folks castigating Jay Dardenne and John Bel Edwards also call themselves Christians. Funny thing, I am not sure Jesus would recognize his teachings in their actions. My comfort is in knowing that we all have to account for our actions and inactions. God bless Louisiana!!

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  4. earthmother says:

    Egan’s letter proves the theory that some people are political party first, and not truly Louisianaian or American first. Those whose put their political party ahead of loyalty to state or country and also call themselves patriots are dangerous ideologues who spew the idea that members of their gropu are rhe only true citizens, To viciously criticize (and ridiculously equate a political endorsement with murder) Lt. Gov, Dardenne for standing for his beliefs and what is best for our state, makes Egan no better than Vitter – as stated before, anyone who


    • earthmother says:

      (sorry for hitting “post” too soon) ….anyone who claims to support honesty, fidelity, integrity, good government and transparency, and votes for Vitter, is a liar and a hypocrite.


  5. Charlie French says:

    Nice screenshot. These people who tweet to elderly Republican faithful are clueless how unpopular they really are in the Twittersphere and online. And ESPECIALLY unpopular to social media users. They think the fawning “likes” they get from their devotees are reality, instead of a very small sliver of a gigantic medium.

    They are like 45 rpm records in an MP3 world.



  6. Denarys says:

    What in the world is wrong with Louisiana Republican Party members? So Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne can’t express a carefully considered opinion and position without being vilified and threatened? He must be castigated and bullied? This is reprehensible and unworthy of a leader in government. In this country, everyone has the right to express his/ her opinion, particularly on an event as important as this election to the future of our State.
    If members of the Louisiana Republican Party believe that our current Republican governor has done a fine job, that says a lot to me. We should be seeking the most qualified candidates for our next governor, not more hacks with just Party labels as their main accomplishment.
    I am so tired of Obama being dragged into this election. He is not running for governor of LA, and bringing him into this election is a true red herring. JBE is not connected to the President in any way other than political party designation. We need to drop the hysterics and get on with the daunting task of rebuilding our State.
    Lt. Governor Dardenne, the forward thinking citizens of Louisiana salute you for taking this principled stance.


  7. Orangetrees says:

    I hope to high heavens this is not the same Peter Egan, former priest in the Archdiocese of New Orleans (guessing he would be about…. Mid 60s by now). Served at St. Angela Merici parish under Msgr. Crosby Kern and left the priesthood to get married. He officiated my cousin’s wedding!


  8. Chris H. Andrews says:

    This Republican reaction to Jay’s endorsement of John Bel Edwards is a demonstration of crazy politics at its best–to always link Mr. Edwards to President Obama, to decry a proven moderate’s temperate decision to endorse the man he thinks is best to lead Louisiana…these actions are beyond words. Some of these people (Republicans) have no shame.
    Chris Andrews


  9. Please disregard this joke. It makes no sense if the authorship of the tweet is different than previously reported. My apologies.


  10. jechoisir says:

    I am a conservative and registered Republican. I read through some of these posts with a broad grin: ahh the broadmindedness of our Democrats! Principle above Party Forever Amen! Why, Florida Dems write to congratulate Louisiana Republicans on their forward looking position, even as they comdemn the party’s narrow-mindedness. Now, how broad-minded is that? Ahh me, I think. What if the shoe were on the other foot?

    And yes, a Democrat’s being elected Governor does have national implications. Not for this day alone, but for the future. True, when electing a governor, we think state first and foremost, but everything has a consequence. I assume Republicans like Mr. Dardenne, for whom I voted, considered those.

    All the holiness about crossing party lines and voting for the best man is fine if “the best man” is your man. But really, would you be so high-minded if the “best man” were a member of the other party? Judging from some comments I’ve read here before, I think not.

    And just how dumb can this current Republican leadership get, I wonder, when reading the comparisons the gentleman from St. Tammany Parish employed to describe Mr. Dardenne’s decision. Were I on Mr. Vitter’s team, the very last metaphor I’d choose to describe ANYTHING about the man would involve women and/or infidelity. As a North Louisianian, I smile at how naturally those metaphors flow from the St. Tammany pen. Maybe it’s easier there to ignore Senator Vitter’s character.

    There’s a unexamined story in that letter, however, in the statement that “Senator Vitter’s entry into the race created an insurmountable obstacle” to Mr. Dardenne’s ambitions for governor. The Republican Party has handled its internal business in an foolish, autocratic, and unprincipled manner. In its autocracy, it did not seek the best man and encourage party support of that person. It chose the man with the most money in support pacs. Vitter became the party’s candidate, even in the face of significant opposition from the Republican base. But the party waffled and created chaos before it settled on Vitter. It had good, electable members to back, and it passed them over for all the wrong reasons.

    In the midst of all the flash mob’s “Holy, Holy, Holy,” and the Republican party’s ill-formed expression of its indignation stands Mr. Darden’s plain statement of his position and the assurances secured from Mr. Edwards that made it possible.

    That letter and the St. Tammany Parish response to it show why Republicans will cross party lines in the governor’s election. In great numbers, I believe.


    • Fredster says:

      But really, would you be so high-minded if the “best man” were a member of the other party? Judging from some comments I’ve read here before, I think not.

      Think that all you wish. I’m a registered Democrat and I have indeed voted for the “better” “man” from the opposing side when I believed the Democratic candidate did not pass muster. What I might have bemoaned at the time was why the Dems couldn’t have put up a better candidate. Case in point is the 2nd Jindal run when he got elected. However, I learned better when he was up for reelection to the 2nd term. No way I would have voted for him again. I learned…the hard way.


  11. What is a mind frame??


  12. Xducer says:

    Is President normally spelled with a capital P


  13. jechoisir says:

    To the “Fredster”: Note I said “some,” not all. All the high praise for Dardenne by Dems coupled with that nutty letter from the St. Tammy idiot just struck me as funny this morning. A little overboard even for Louisiana politics. And as the day has worn on, it has become more interesting. The point of the article —- Mr. Dardenne’s simple, eloquent statement—seemed to get lost.


  14. Michael Wade says:

    Well, now more Louisianans are aware of what passes for thinking on Peter Egan’s part. Making a thoughtful choice between two candidates is hardly firing indiscriminately at anything. Mr. Dardenne displayed courage and integrity. Mr. Egan displays something less.


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