Vitter doesn’t want Syrian refugees in Louisiana? He should talk to his wife

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By Robert Mann

Sen. David Vitter, behind in the polls and desperate for an issue to distract voters from questions about his personal failings, has hit upon a new campaign strategy: Scare the hell out of voters about hordes of Syrian refugees flooding into Louisiana.

On Sunday, Vitter sent a letter to New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu (actually, he simply shared the letter with the news media) demanding the mayor do something. Vitter wrote:

As you know, New Orleans is expecting an influx of Syrian refugees, some of whom have already arrived. Based on all the information available to me, I have no confidence that these refugees are being fully and properly vetted to ensure they contain absolutely no terrorists elements.

Please join me and others in demanding that President Obama stop accepting these Syrian refugees immediately, and stop settling any into New Orleans, given this unacceptable lax security and lack of full vetting on their backgrounds.

Vitter is also posting petitions on Facebook, in an effort to scare (or distract) voters in the campaign’s final days.Screenshot 2015-11-15 21.22.46

In a robo call that went out to thousands of voters over the weekend, Vitter claims President Obama is about to turn Louisiana into “a dangerous refugee zone.” Here’s the text of message below. (You can listen to it at this link.)

Vitter robo call

Two points about Vitter’s profound concern about this “influx” of Syrian refugees:

First, there is no influx of Syrian refugees into Louisiana. As the New Orleans Times-Picayune | reports, 14 Syrian refugees have been placed in Louisiana since Jan. 1, 2015. As reporter Michelle Hunter wrote:

Despite blog posts and social media rumors indicating that thousands of Syrian refugees had already arrived in the New Orleans area, the U.S. State Department reported only 14 Syrian nationals have resettled in Louisiana since Jan. 1. 

The State Department’s Refugee Processing Center handled three cases, settling seven refugees in Kenner, six in New Orleans and one in Baton Rouge, a spokesperson said.

Seven Syrian refugees arrived in Louisiana in April, and another resettled in June.  Six more refugees arrived in November, according to processing center data.

Reports of 10,000 Syrians pouring into the New Orleans area began circulating online following the terrorist attacks in Paris Friday that left more than 129 people dead. Many, including Gov. Bobby Jindal, expressed concern about the immigration of Syrian refugees who are fleeing the violent civil war and terrorism in the Middle East and Africa.

Second, if Vitter wishes to register his profound concerns about the “influx” of Syrian refugees into New Orleans, sending letters to Landrieu might not be as effective as communicating with his wife, Wendy Vitter. Wendy Vitter is general counsel for the Archdiocese of New Orleans, which oversees Catholic Charities.

As Hunter notes in her story, “In Louisiana, Catholic Charities is the volunteer agency that helps refugees resettle in the New Orleans area, Baton Rouge and Lafayette. Catholic Charities and the Archdiocese of New Orleans reported earlier this month that they had settled two families of Syrian refugees, according to WVUE-TV.”

If David Vitter is truly alarmed about groups bringing these dangerous refugees into Louisiana, why isn’t he sending letters about it to his wife and her boss, Archbishop Gregory Michael Aymond?

A more cynical person might conclude that Vitter isn’t interested in solving this non-existent problem or dealing with the issue of Syrian refugees, but is more interested in scaring voters and scoring cheap political points five days before the election.

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27 Responses to Vitter doesn’t want Syrian refugees in Louisiana? He should talk to his wife

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  2. Tim Smith says:

    Thanks for this.


  3. Stephen Winham says:

    Vitter needn’t trouble his loyal wife about quelling this invasion. Louisiana’s all powerful Oz has now, in a follow-up to his persuasive letter to President Obama, issued an executive order that will nip this in the bud and one-up Vitter at the same time:


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  5. Fredster says:

    So could this be an indication that the two of them don’t talk much to each other? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Brent says:

    Please don’t allow any refugees into our country!!!


  7. Wayne Nissen says:

    How many terrorists did it take for the 911 tragedy? I don’t want one more potential Islamic radical in Louisiana


    • Bob in BR says:

      And don’t forget the Oklahoma City bombing. Oh wait, those two were Americans. I feel pretty sure about myself by I’m definitely concerned about the rest of y’all! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  8. BrainSmashR says:

    14 huh….you realize the attack in Paris was carried out by 12, right? The good news is no one worth a crap will get hurt in Zoo Orleans


  9. Early Culler says:

    That is 14 too many!
    Ship ’em back.


  10. Early Culler says:

    Ya’ll just jealous ’cause he got freaky with that prostitute with a diaper on! Now diapers aren’t my thing, but I say if you’re into that then “goo-goo-ga-ga” for you!


  11. Early Culler says:

    Where’s my comments? Is this one of those tyrannical sites that censors the truthful comments like I always give?


  12. June Butler says:

    Gold, Bob, pure gold. I shared the link on Facebook.

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  13. Beulah McGraw says:

    No refugees. I have no confidence these people are friendlies.


  14. Lavasso Monk says:

    No refugees. We have enough in our state now


  15. Spiderlily says:

    President Obama is making sure that refugees are screened so that the bad ones will not get in. According to a top EU official, all of the attackers in Paris identified so far are from the European Union. The Syrian passport which was found may be a fake.


  16. Justice for All says:

    We’ll soon be telling a holiday story about a Middle Eastern couple seeking refuge…


  17. Areopagus says:

    First, it is the immanent influx of Syrians Vitter and Jindal are preparing to oppose and not a previous handful. Second, it is the absence of Christians or other non Muslims and women and children that raises flags of caution over what Citizens may be inviting into their midst and paying for. Your snide and deceptive article is unfit for public consumption.


    • June Butler says:

      The screening process for allowing Syrian refugees into the US is lengthy and stringent. If Vitter has contradictory information, he should cite his sources and verify by asking Mrs Vitter, as Bob said.


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  19. Jeanette Alcon says:

    And it’s sad to say that Vitter’s cheap tactics are working among many!!


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