Vitter’s warning to Obama about Syrian refugees came in apparent backdated letter sent to State Dept on Tuesday


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Screenshot of David Vitter TV spot on Syrian refugees


By Robert Mann

Sen. David Vitter, lagging in the polls and hoping to gain an advantage in his race for Louisiana governor, relentlessly attacked state Rep. John Bel Edwards all week over the issue of Syrian refugees.

“One of the Paris ISIS terrorists entered France posing as a Syrian refugee,” Vitter’s announcer says in a TV spot running statewide, which shows images of the aftermath of the bombings in Paris. “Now, Obama’s sending Syrian refugees to Louisiana.”

Vitter portrays himself as a prescient defender of national security, bragging in the spot, “David Vitter warned Obama [about] the danger of Syrian refugees weeks ago.” [Emphasis added]

As the announcer speaks those words, images of a letter appear on the screen.

Screenshot 2015-11-20 23.18.54.png

The date of that letter, allegedly sent “weeks ago,” is not shown. It did not appear on Vitter’s U.S. Senate website, where he often posts statements and open letters to government officials.

On Friday afternoon, I contacted the U.S. State Department to ask about this letter (I would have contacted Vitter’s office, but his staff has long refused to respond to my calls and emails). Among other things, I wanted to know on what date the letter from Vitter was received.

Here is what the State Department spokesperson told me in an email late Friday:

“The State Department on Tuesday received the letter dated September 28 along with a separate November 17 letter. The Department appreciates the concerns expressed by Senator Vitter – as it does those concerns of his congressional colleagues – and we will respond directly.” [Emphasis added]

In other words, Vitter not only skipped two of the three U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee hearings since 2012 on the subject of Syria. According to the State Department, Vitter did not contact the Obama Administration about Syrian refugees until this week.

And, in doing so, it appears he may have created a backdated letter and sent it to the State Department, along with another letter. Vitter’s warning to Obama, “weeks ago,” appears to have been last Tuesday, four days after the Paris terrorist attacks.

Note: I have since found the “Sept. 28” letter on Vitter’s U.S. Senate website. It was posted on Tuesday at this link.

12 thoughts on “Vitter’s warning to Obama about Syrian refugees came in apparent backdated letter sent to State Dept on Tuesday

  1. Infidelis Americanus November 21, 2015 — 1:28 am

    Considering the source, I am of course not at all surprised. It takes a true sociopath to do what Vitter has been doing all along anyway – just slinging downright, open mouth lies and fabrications and pulling numbers, stats, and “the voting records” of his opponents out of his own a$$ with a raw and reckless abandon and broadcasting his drivel to anyone and everyone he can. Whenever he’s called on his lies RIGHT TO HIS FACE regarding the BS he spews, he just sits there and blinks like a damned big Galapagos Tortoise (my sincere apologies to all Galapagos Tortoises for that).

    I tell you, Mr. Vitter acts like a spoiled child. Really. No checks or holds on his behavior, and when things don’t go his way he cries just like a baby with a dirty diaper, whose pacifier has fallen out of his as….. uhhh, his mouth.


  2. When all you know is sleaze and dishonesty, is there any surprise here?

    And spot on Bob for thinking about contacting the State Dept. 🙂


  3. Vitter also turned this TV spot into a robocall, one of the few I actually listened to. Imagine picking up your phone and hearing those things in the announcer’s very authoritative voice. It was actually more effective than the video and I wondered how many people were frightened by it.

    Today is election day. I wish John Bel Edwards had maintained the high ground throughout his campaign, making it truly unique, and that these last efforts by Vitter have been fruitless.

    P. S. I’m sure the first letter simply got lost in the mail 🙂


  4. Vitter shows all the symptoms of a man in the throes of a final desperate attempt to cling to something he’s realized is lost. Yet I am uneasy. Number one, this is Louisiana where strange political shenanigans occur regularly and number two, John Bel’s dip in Vitter’s waters with his ad about calling prostitutes. I know it made for sensationalism but did it gain or lose votes? Either way my vote for John Bel was cast two weeks ago and I hope all the polls (which frequently are suspect) are correct and tomorrow heralds a new ray of hope for Louisiana.


  5. Words can not describe Vitter!! He will say or do anything if it benefits him.
    A democracy does not work based on lies and scare tactics!! Regardless of party affiliation our leaders must have a desire to serve to better the lives of those they serve! I do not doubt he is a smart human being BUT HE LACKS A MORAL COMPASS!! Its time we have a governor that DOES NOT LIE, CHEAT OR STEAL! Apparently he doesn’t understand or believe that YOUR WORD IS YOUR BOND!! I feel for his family for the shame he has dumped on them. I do not believe I should ever go to any place that my wife is not also welcome! I fear about the future of my children and grandchildren if we continue to go down the same road we have been on for the last 8 years under Bobby Jindal!!

    As a democracy it’s important that we the citizens VOTE TODAY and we should look at the canidates’ CHARACTER to lead the great state of Louisiana.


  6. Right in character with Vitter’s entire vicious campaign. You’ve done a great service with your blogging throughout, Bob. Thank you.


  7. Milliken the Billiken November 21, 2015 — 1:46 pm

    Like with Capitol Mail, I would expect State Department mail is routed to an off-site facility for secure processing.

    In my experience in Congress, this can delay letters for weeks. So, the “received date” means absolutely nothing unless you know for a fact it was hand delivered, or emailed.


    1. Sorry that theory doesn’t work. The problem is that the Sept. 28 letter arrived with a Nov. 17 letter attached. They were both mailed or delivered at the same time.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. In my experience in Congress,

      Oh? Staff member or congress critter?


  8. The last minute race to the right on the immigration issue by Edwards is disheartening, but I held my nose and cast my vote for him. The idea that I might have to see and listen to Vitter for the next 4 to 8 years as Governor is just too awful to contemplate. Keep up the fine work, Mr. Mann.


  9. Partisan hacks are gonna hack.


  10. I’m so glad that the last minute scare tactics didn’t work for David Vitter. We know that when voters are really frightened, they often vote Republican, on the assumption that Republicans are better at protecting them from terrorism. Think about the re-election campaign of George W. Bush. Remember the “mushroom cloud” warning? Of course, Iraq did not actually have any nuclear weapons, but as a campaign issue, it was effective anyway.


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