LSU’s Himes Hall is one of several building on campus without an elevator

From the LSU Daily Reveille, October 2015:

By Carrie Grace Henderson

When interdisciplinary studies senior Sean Thompson treks to class every day, he takes special care to look for cracks in the sidewalk that might tear up the wheels on his chair.

Though Thompson saw improvements this semester – “The sidewalks are wider and smoother” – he wants to make sure he leaves his alma mater in better shape than he found it, which is why he and economics senior Michael Panther Mayen started the Disability Student Organization.

“We were surprised there was nothing like it on campus, so we decided to do it ourselves,” Thompson said. “We wouldn’t want to leave without having it started.”

Though DSO is less than two weeks old, its members already aim to amplify the individual concerns of disabled students while also providing a place for them to socialize and vent.

“Our biggest goal for this semester is to bring awareness to students, professors and faculty,” Mayen said. “We want to get students with disabilities together and say, ‘What are your concerns?’”

Thompson, like many disabled students, sees campus in terms of accessibility.

He leaves early on days when he’ll have to enter buildings that have two sets of doors and memorized which buildings don’t have elevators and which ones are likely out of order.

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