Something Like the Truth

I have some questions for Louisiana’s congressional Republicans 


By Robert Mann

Let’s get right to it: Your national party will nominate an unabashed racist, Donald Trump, for president. Why do you support that racist?

I know you’ve been lying low lately, but you cannot slink away from your endorsement of Trump. On May 5, the Louisiana Republican Party issued a statement by state chair Roger Villere and the Republicans in the state’s congressional delegation, except for Rep. Garret Graves (he later endorsed Trump). Your statement said, in part:

“The Republican Party of Louisiana congratulates Donald Trump on becoming the presumptive Republican nominee. We urge all Republicans to now unite in order to defeat Hillary Clinton in November … The stakes are too high to hand over the keys to the White House to another far-left Democrat.”

Do you really believe electing a so-called “far-left Democrat” is worse than handing the White House to a racist Republican?

Surely you knew who you were endorsing, right? If you missed the news, here’s a brief primer:

“I’m building a wall,” Trump said of Curiel’s alleged inability to be impartial. “It’s an inherent conflict of interest.”

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