Donald Trump has a racist fan club

By Robert Mann

Pollsters have always struggled to accurately gauge voters’ racial attitudes, so we may never know precisely how much racism fuels Donald Trump’s candidacy. What we know with certainty, however, is that the most prominent racists and white supremacists adore Trump.

“I’m overjoyed to see Donald Trump and most Americans embrace most of the issues I’ve championed for years,” former KKK leader and Louisiana U.S Senate candidate David Duke said when announcing his candidacy this summer. Duke added, “With the country coming apart at the seams and no one willing to really speak the truth about what is happening, the majority population in this country needs someone who will actually give voice to their interests.” By “majority population,” of course, Duke means white people.

“I’ve said everything that Donald Trump is saying and more,” Duke told The Daily Beast in July, revealing a keen ear for Trump’s racial dog whistles. “I think Trump is riding a wave of anti-establishment feeling that I’ve been nurturing for 25 years.”

At least twice Trump has disavowed Duke’s support. Duke apparently didn’t take it personally. To the contrary, the former klansman recently began making robocalls to Louisiana households pitching his candidacy and urging voters to support Trump.

It’s not only contemptible bottom dwellers like Duke who love Trump. Most of the so-called “Alt-Right” movement is proudly behind the GOP nominee. As PBS’ John Yang succinctly explained, “[Alt-right is] a movement that lives largely online, rejects mainstream conservative politics, and is linked to nationalist and white supremacist sentiments.”

The house organ of this quasi-white supremacist crusade is the conservative website Breitbart News, whose former executive chairman, Steve Bannon, now runs Trump’s campaign. You won’t find a printed or online outlet that has been more effusive in its cheerleading for Trump. Some conservatives even call the website “Trumpbart.”

Among the many loathsome creatures writing for Breitbart is tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos, permanently suspended from Twitter in July after he sparked aracist Twitter assault on Leslie Jones, a star of the recent “Ghostbusters” movie. (Jones is black.) Many of the offensive tweets featured images of monkeys and gorillas.

Yiannopoulos, you might have guessed, is among Trump’s biggest fans. “It seems to me that Donald Trump … is best placed to end the cancer of political correctness in this country,” Yiannopoulos said. “Isn’t it remarkable that in just 20 years … the spirit of dissidence in the country has gone from being a far left activist to wearing a MAGA [Make America Great Again] hat.”

Nothing validates the notion of Trump ideological romance with the predominantly male, racist alt-right movement more than turning over Trump’s campaign to Bannon. The alt-right is no refuge for racists, Bannon says, arguing it is merely a coincidental alignment of supporters, only some of whom are white supremacists.

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5 Responses to Donald Trump has a racist fan club

  1. Edith Herring says:

    It seems that Trump has given legitimacy to White Supremacy. As a White older woman, living in the deep South, this is no surprise to me. I have been exposed to this racism my entire 74 years. I have often wondered why I don’t share this belief. I also have wondered where our Christian leaders are in the South that should decry this attitude and call it what it is…sinful. I am not looking forward to the end of this election. If Clinton wins, Trump has primed his followers to revolt. If Trump wins, I fear for our democracy. We seem to be living in perilous times. And, I can remember when our media/press/journalists would have at least identified the facts from the falsehoods. Now, it seems that the falsehoods are what they want to report and without any citations. Woe is us!


    • Stephen Winham says:

      Donald Trump is the mythical superhero of a hopeless collection of economically trapped white people who will vote for him no matter what he does or says because they believe he is their savior. In many respects he and his campaign are like a religion whose followers have full faith all their wishes will be fulfilled if he can just ascend to the White House. For the rest of us, our hope has to be that more of us than them actually go to the polls in November.

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      • Marty Bankson says:

        Stephen, when the man said — many months ago– that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and wouldn’t lose any voters, we should have known 1) if true, such a case would be a problem and, 2) it is, in fact, one of the few truths of his campaign. After this week, I’m giving up reading the comments on, and sticking to the civility (comparatively speaking) of WordPress.
        The Fifth Avenue mentality is rampant over there.


    • Stephen Winham says:

      Words of Wisdom, Edith.


  2. Freddie McNabb says:

    Donald Trump has almost guaranteed that this nation’s next president will be a lying crook who possibly belongs behind bars but is a much preferable choice than a race-baiting moron with a following of true dyed-in-the-wool white supremacists. What a choice America has this November!


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