Donald Trump and the GOP crisis of conscience: “I will support my party’s nominee”

By Robert Mann

Imagine you’re a Republican member of Congress from a Southern state, someone like Sen. Bill Cassidy, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise or Rep. Garret Graves. You know Donald Trump’s candidacy is a joke. He’s the most reckless, corrosive major-party presidential candidate ever. From the moment he announced, you knew he could cripple or destroy your party.

Once he captured the nomination, however, you quietly endorsed him. In May, you lent your name to a press release issued by your state party. Or maybe, like Graves, you ditched the release. But days later, when pressed by reporters at the Baton Rouge Press Club, you coughed up a mild endorsement, affirming your support of “the party’s nominee.” You could not bring yourself to mumble his name.

But you endorsed him still. After he led the racist “birther” movement. After he called Mexicans “rapists.” After he attacked Sen. John McCain for being “captured” in Vietnam. After he made many degrading statements about women (including his own daughter). After he demanded a ban on Muslim immigration. After all that, you endorsed him.

You comfort yourself now with the unsatisfying rationale, “I did my duty to the party. That and no more.”  Since then, you haven’t campaigned for him. You won’t cry when he loses, and you hope his defeat will be a painful lesson that the rhetorical sewage he unleashed should never again poison our nation or your party.

You hope columnist George Will was right when he wrote, “Trump is the GOP’s chemotherapy, a nauseating but, if carried through to completion, perhaps a curative experience.”

Here’s what haunts you: You know, no matter the outcome, history will record that you endorsed Trump and stuck with him because you were afraid of the political consequences if you withdrew your support. Some call it political savvy. Others know it as cowardice.

You were afraid if you spoke out against Trump it would offend his supporters. You know they admire him much more than you. And you know their passion for Trump might spark retribution for those who abandon him.

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5 Responses to Donald Trump and the GOP crisis of conscience: “I will support my party’s nominee”

  1. Stephen Winham says:

    Grandchild: “So, Gramps, it’s okay to do or say anything to get ahead?”
    Gramps: “Sure.”
    Grandchild: “Well, this has certainly been a teachable moment, Thanks”
    Gramps: “No problem”

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    • Meredith says:

      The Clinton philosophy. Lie and deceive is OK to get a vote.


      • Stephen Winham says:

        Surely, you have to agree both candidates are full-fledged members f the one true party, the Hypocrite Party – where integrity is traded on the open market. It’s hard to come up with the name of any contemporary politician who is not a member of that party and we are all reduced to voting against candidates – the reverse of the way it should be. And, just as you find it incredible anybody with good sense could vote for Clinton, I find it incredible you could vote for Trump


  2. Meredith says:

    I sent tweets in response to your comments about Trump. You appear as if you are not aware that millions of citizens support Trump. Also that millions dislike and distrust Hillary. Are you also unaware of her many crimes? She would be indicted and found guilty and be in prison would it not be for Obama. She has placed this country at risk. She lies even when confronted with proven facts of her crimes. You have a lot of credentials behind your name but seem to lack the best brains or common sense to recognize the truth. Trump is surely lacking in many areas but compared to Clinton he is the best choice. I will bet you supported Obama too. The most devisive and destructive president in history. By the way…the birth certificate that Obama said didn’t exist until Trump questioned and challenged him to come up with one. So he does and it is immediately proven by experts to be a total fake. Even I could prove it was a fake. You apparently are willing to publish your information without checking the facts. A blind man trying to lead the blind. Typical uninformed Democrat.


  3. porchtalkmbl says:

    As always, Bob Mann nails the issue. Thanks Bob for continuing to be a voice of reason in a cacophony of chaos.


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