Louisiana’s cowering GOP krewe in Washington

By Robert Mann

If the Republican members of Louisiana’s congressional delegation created a new D.C. Mardi Gras organization, we could call it the Krewe of Deilos. This ancient Greek word for fear and cowardice is the perfect moniker for the Congress of the chicken-hearted who cower before Donald Trump.

Cowardice is apparently what prevents Republican “leaders” like House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, Sens. Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy and four other Louisiana GOP House members from voicing public concerns about shocking behavior by Trump and his staff.

Let’s review the highlights:

During the campaign, our GOP delegation said nothing about evidence of Russia’s efforts to influence the election and undermine confidence in our democracy.

They were quiet about the stunning 2005 recording of Trump bragging about committing what amounts to sexual assault.

They’ve been mostly silent about the alarming joint report of the top U.S. intelligence agencies, which concluded Russia not only attempted to influence the election, but did so to help Trump.

They’ve revealed few complaints about the inept, unconstitutional executive order that banned travel to the United States by people from seven majority-Muslim countries. (In an understatement, Cassidy said it should be “further refined.”)

They’ve backed all of Trump’s unqualified Cabinet nominees, including the ridiculously inept Education secretary, Betsy DeVos.

They uttered not a peep when Trump signed an executive order making Steve Bannon — the former publisher of the white nationalist website, Breitbart News — a principal member of the National Security Council, while he demoted the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the CIA director.

They seem unconcerned by Trump’s bizarre affection and respect for Russia’s murderous, authoritarian leader, Vladimir Putin. (In what passes for robust criticism in this delegation, Kennedy said on Wednesday, “I do not trust Russia. I do not trust Vladimir Putin.” One presumes he still trusts Trump.)

They were mute when Trump compromised national security by discussing confidential (and maybe classified) information regarding a North Korean missile test, all in full view of the guests at his Florida Mar-A-Lago resort.

None protested when he insulted the prime minister of one of our nation’s staunchest allies, Australia.

They voiced no objections to his false allegations of election fraud in New Hampshire and his baseless charge he would have won the popular vote if not for millions of illegal voters.

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3 Responses to Louisiana’s cowering GOP krewe in Washington

  1. Stephen Winham says:

    Perhaps, as you later suggest, they might also rightly be the Krewe of Plutus. Their actions are cowardly, but their motives are clearly self-serving.

    They apparently believe they are riding on a high tide. What will they do when the inevitable happens and the tide goes out.

    Trump’s supporters will find it increasingly difficult to continue buying into his rant that the entirety of the mainstream media is reporting “fake news.” That should make no sense to even the most devout conspiracy theorist, particularly since the premier conservative news source, Fox, makes accurate reports of Trump’s inaccurate statements and puckish treatment of the press.

    We have to believe reason will eventually triumph and, when it does, we have to remember what these, our elected representatives did for us while while reality was being pushed into the background by the childish, thoughtless narcissist our society allowed to become POTUS..

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  2. Edith Herring says:

    Just heard that McConnell is holding the vote on Pruitt as EPA Head even though there are emails that he was ordered to turn over that might have influence on his resume. Seems that it would have been wiser to wait a few days rather than possibly have a scandal where another Cabinet Member is forced to retire. Also, 2 Democrats said they would vote for Pruitt. That is hard to overcome. Republicans vote pretty much like robots…

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  3. martybankson says:

    With no real knack for creating meaningful, wide-ranging public policy, the USS Trumpenboat will continue to founder with only extra-legal anti-immigration and deportation orders as its go-to pretense for action. Demonizing enemies in the press and judiciary becomes war No. 2, replacing ISIS at that spot. The rats and sycophants, the free-riders and court jesters may be getting a little nervous, but will remain conspicuous in their silence. Only when the ship of state begins listing and taking on water under criminal investigations and indictments, and the utter cluelessness of the captain is exposed will they bail to save their cowardly hides.


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