Teach your children well

By Robert Mann

When violent white supremacy exploded in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend, many of us wondered how these young men could have gone awry, descending not only into bigotry but hate so virulent that they could embrace Nazism and murder in service of racial purity.

Where and how did they acquire their sick ideology? What did their parents teach or model for these men that led to their acceptance of such dark and cancerous evil? What could have been done to point them in another direction?

This week, I’ve also asked myself if i have done enough to teach my children about the dignity and inherent worth of every person.

I pray I have. This I know: If my daughter and son have learned anything about love and tolerance from their dad, it’s because my mother taught it to me.

In recent decades, few weeks have passed that I haven’t recalled a seminal, searing event of my childhood, a moment as inedible in my early memory as the Kennedy assassination or Neil Armstrong’s Moon walk. It was the Sunday morning in the late-1960s when my mother — outraged by the humiliation of a black woman who visited our church — dressed down our pastor.

The middle-aged woman was driving to worship when her car broke down in front of the Pinecrest Church of Christ in Beaumont, Texas. Not wishing to miss worship, she came inside. Most members welcomed her warmly. In acknowledging her, however, our pastor explained to the congregation the unusual circumstances that brought this interloper to us, the subtext being we could rest easy knowing she wouldn’t return.

My mother was livid.

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4 Responses to Teach your children well

  1. martybankson says:

    Nature or nurture; genetics or environment? Both can be double-edged swords, but only through the the nurture of truth and compassion or the environment of lies and hate do we draw inspiration. All inspiration is not created equal.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Frank Campbell says:

    They had license to march, applied for and granted. They responded to this other group which was possibly paid to disrupt their march. I may not agree with this group, but you shouldn’t twist facts to your point of view. How did the so-called “liberal group “, many from other states, come to be ? Let’s be realistic re who was the first to be violent to the other. Your favored groups are not always in the right.


  3. Frank Campbell says:

    I’m sorry my comments weren’t applied to correct article. It was certainly out of place. I do have 7 grandchildren for whom I saw no benefit in this article.From 1955 to 1975, I rarely missed an LSU football game. My poorer friends worked Concessions.
    Please advise if you don’t figure out which article it applies to even though it seemed that I was applying to the correct one. Why are insurance companies bailing out of
    AFC ?


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