What if Donald Trump loses (or is impeached) and won’t leave? | Robert Mann

By Robert Mann

In the annals of sore losers, few presidents stand out like John Adams after his loss to Thomas Jefferson in 1800. On Inauguration Day, the testy Adams passed up his successor’s swearing-in. He left the White House, boarded his horse-drawn coach and fled toward Quincy, Mass., before sunrise.

Adams’ offense was leaving too soon. The question worrying me, however, is: What if Congress ousts Donald Trump by impeachment — or he’s defeated for reelection — and he won’t go?

Before you sneer at this notion as preposterous, consider the exhausting list of our president’s normalized behaviors and outrageous offenses that, two years ago, would have been unfathomable: A torrent of lies and insulting tweets, public affection for tyrants, turning the presidency into a profit center, alleged obstruction of justice, unabashed racism, praise of Nazis and stunning denigration of the State Department, FBI and CIA.

Today, Trump’s ill-mannered, infantile and illegal behavior prompts nary a raised eyebrow with 30 percent of the public. The rest, meanwhile, cannot remain scandalized about yesterday’s outrage because of today’s new outrage and the expectation of what fresh hell comes tomorrow.

The other day, Trump endorsed Roy Moore, the bigoted, lawless Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Alabama accused of child molestation. This shameful, shocking endorsement is now known as “something that happened on Monday.”

The idea Trump might barricade himself in the White House, declare his impeachment unconstitutional — or his reelection stolen — is within the realm of possibility. It comports with what we know about Trump’s anti-democratic, authoritarian tendencies. From there, it’s easy to picture Trump going a dangerous step further and urging his supporters to descend on Washington and prevent his removal. Honestly, it doesn’t take much imagination to envision Trump, if he loses, encouraging civil unrest to save his hide.

Hogwash, you say. The president must leave if the Senate convicts or voters reject him. OK, show me the clause in the Constitution that spells out who arrests a defeated president and escorts him from the White House. Here’s what the Constitution says about presidents who refuse to leave: Nothing, absolutely nothing.

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3 Responses to What if Donald Trump loses (or is impeached) and won’t leave? | Robert Mann

  1. Stephen Winham says:

    As you make abundantly clear, this is a nightmare none of us could have predicted a year ago – one that gets worse each night and from which we can’t seem to awaken. In that context it seems absolutely anything is possible with this POTUS.

    However, I have to believe there are enough people in the government service who realize the clear and present danger and would prevent what you suggest. Also, there are many high-ranking members of the military who are clearly concerned enough and patriotic enough to stop it. Hopefully, a military coup is impossible in our country – and would we ever live down such a scenario?

    One thing you say in the full nola.com column is dubious, at best, today:

    “Our system works because those who serve at all levels know they answer to the people.”

    I am becoming less sure of that each day. The only elected official from whom I ever get an actual response is my state representative and he is just one person in a body of 105 people. My state senator doesn’t even acknowledge my attempts at communication.The people who ostensibly represent us in Washington only respond to big money apparently – unless you count an automatically-generated canned cut-and-paste email to which you can’t even respond. A sad state of affairs, indeed.

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  2. Edith Herring says:

    I have had the very same thought. It is especially worrisome that his supporters are died in the wool NRA and think they are part of a militia called to overthrow our government. Some indicate that they are just waiting for the word. I have watch the quick decline in normalizing Trump’s crimes, conflicts of interest, debauchery, reckless and willful-ignorance of International affairs, his discrediting our highest law enforcement, judicial and other foundations of our government. So, here we are. But, most importantly, I do not see the will among elected Republicans, including ours from Louisiana, to stand up and oust Trump, even when faced with Mueller’s indictment of Trump. Also, as worrisome is the fact that these Republicans have not led and demanded that we make every effort to stop Russian interference with any future American elections. What have they done about this? The Republicans have total majority control. Why are they not able to govern even in this crisis of defense?

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    • Fredster says:

      The Repubs in DC have zero interest in looking at any possible criminal offenses by tRump until they get their precious tax package signed by him. After that is done and when they have no further use of him they may deign to look at some of the outrages or possibly criminal actions he may have been involved in. I would not be surprised if they end up going the 25th amendment route. After all, they have Pence waiting in the wings..


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